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5 Tips for Dental Facebook Marketing Success

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It may be a surprise to hear that Facebook is still the most widely used social media platform in the United States. Even with worthy contenders such as Instagram and TikTok, Facebook still reigns supreme. In fact, a 2021 report showed that 70% of Americans used Facebook every single day. It would therefore be remiss of businesses to ignore the potential that this platform presents. For dentists who operate their own practice, dental Facebook marketing is a must.

It’s easy to understand how having a Facebook page can benefit your dental practice. For starters, it’s a visually-driven platform. You are in the business of perfecting smiles, therefore, you can showcase your work on Facebook. Moreover, you can stay connected with patients by sharing news articles and posts. In this article, we share tips on how you can use dental Facebook marketing to increase your visibility for success.

Create an Attractive Facebook Page

To make a good first impression, you need to create a great cover photo. It will be the first thing prospective and current patients see when they visit your page, hence it must grab their attention. Ensure that it’s 820 pixels wide and 312 pixels tall and features your office and/or pleasant staff.

Additionally, profile photos are excellent branding tools. Remember that your profile photo will be displayed next to every post and comment you share. A good idea would be to use an identifiable logo with high resolution, or a clear photo of yourself.

Furthermore, before and after photos should be your go-tos when marketing your dental practice. After all, they are probably the reason people are browsing your page. Ensure that the before photos aren’t repulsive to the point that they turn people off.

Finally, have some fun with your photos. Patients want to see the human and quirky side of you and your team. Staff photos on hat day or at a retreat are examples of photos that will do the trick.

Decide Your Content Pillars for Dental Facebook Marketing Success

Do you sometimes run out of ideas for posts? Take a look at other dental practices and make note of their strategies for engagement. Do they post news stories, trivia, testimonials, or funny memes? Look at what posts tend to get the most comments, likes and shares.

Develop a Dental Facebook Marketing Content Plan

A solid dental Facebook marketing strategy will address how you can be consistent in the long term. It is necessary to meet the recommendation of five to seven posts per week.

Social media marketing experts also recommend that you strike a balance between posts that showcase your services and those that engage on a broader scale. Remember that this is social media, so the aim is to socialize with your audience about topics that are of importance to them. It is tempting to post content that only promotes your office and services but this is a sure way to lose engagement.

Consider Ads as Part of Your Dental Facebook Marketing Strategy

With Facebook ads, you can put measures in place so that you reach the right audience. They allow you to choose your audience’s demographics according to location, job title, income level, etc so you can specifically target people who would use your services.

Ask for Reviews

Word of mouth still plays a significant role, even in the digital age. And best believe that prospective patients will factor in your reviews when deciding on whether they should visit you. If most of your patients are satisfied with your services ask them to leave reviews on your Facebook page.  Some may be compelled to do so after receiving quality service so nudge them.

Do You Need Help With Dental Facebook Marketing?

As the operator of your own dental practice, you may be too swamped to focus on your Facebook marketing plan. Let the digital marketing experts at Invigo Media handle your dental marketing. We will work on a solid dental Facebook marketing strategy that contributes to the success of your practice.

Schedule an appointment with us today. You can also send an email to [email protected].

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