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6 Low-Cost Alternatives to Paid Advertising for your Med Spa

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A med spa marketing plan that includes online paid advertising can certainly yield favourable results. Not only is it more affordable than advertising on traditional media, but it also gives you more control over who sees your ads and how much you pay.

As revolutionary as it is, paid advertising may not be in the budget for some med spas right now. Perhaps you have a strict budget or you would like to explore more affordable digital marketing strategies before venturing into paid advertising. Fortunately, you can still strike gold with low-cost alternatives to paid advertising. In this article, we will explore how you can benefit from using them.

1. Local SEO for Your Med Spa

One sure way to be resourceful is to use Local SEO. This is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy that allows your medical spa to be listed among the top options in local search on Google. In other words, it can help to bring more foot traffic to your med spa because it is more specific to a geographical location.
To make the most of Local SEO you simply include an interactive map, telephone number(s) and opening hours on your website. If a potential client in your area searches for keywords such as med spa near me or medical spa, yours will appear along with others in the area at no cost to you.

2. Promote Your Med Spa on Social Media

It’s free to create accounts on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. It’s also free to upload content such as before and after photos, tips and videos featuring your procedures and cutting-edge equipment. You can capitalize on these med spa marketing opportunities to reach prospective patients who are interested in your services.
Furthermore, you can connect with existing and potential patients by answering their queries in direct messages and by liking and responding to their comments. As a med spa social media marketing strategy, it would also be advantageous to engage with beauty influencers and other subject matter experts on social media.

3. Use Email Marketing as a Med Spa Marketing Strategy

This is a cheaper alternative with a high return on investment. While Pay-Per-Click advertising yields $2 for every $1 spent, email marketing returns $44 on the same amount invested. Email is still a preferred mode of communication and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.
Email marketing grants you an opportunity to build meaningful relationships with potential and existing patients. When you create an emailing list for your medical spa, be sure to craft messages that pertain to new service offerings, checkup reminders and tips for at-home care.

4. Sign up for Google My Business

Did you know that it is free to list your medspa on Google My Business? When you create a Google My Business page, you will need to verify details such as the name of your medical spa, its address and telephone number(s). You also have to ensure that they are consistent wherever listed.
Google wants to produce the most relevant details for its users when they search, therefore it will be helpful to also include your opening hours, photos of the med spa, video clips of the procedures, etc. Also, remember to update your information immediately if the name of your med spa, its telephone number or address changes.

5. Write Blog Posts

Another pocket-friendly way to promote your med spa online is by posting frequently on your blog. There’s a high possibility that your blog posts will show up in the search results if they provide answers to questions posted by your prospective and current patients in the search.
Be sure to include keywords in your titles, subtitles, metatags and descriptions of the accompanying images and videos. Moreover, you will increase your chances of directing more traffic to your website when you post an article at least once per week.

6. Use Patient Reviews as Med Spa Marketing Tools

Patients are increasingly flocking to Google to read reviews before they make an appointment. They will of course be turned off by negative reviews. Having a total of two reviews may not be helpful either, even if both are positive. To counter this, you can simply ask your patients to leave reviews at the end of their appointments. You could ask them to do so on a tablet at your front desk. Or you can send an email or text message requesting them to give feedback. Reach out to them to address their concerns and complaints.

Looking for a quick and easy way to get your first reviews? Host an in-person med spa launch event to generate buzz for your med spa.

Are You Considering More Cost-Effective Ways to Market Your Med Spa?

When paired effectively, organic SEO strategies and paid advertising can yield amazing results. However, if your budget is tight, you can consider the aforementioned alternatives which can help your med spa to thrive in the meantime. The medical spa marketing team at Invigo Media can show how to manage these resources so that you attract new patients while retaining current ones.  Book an appointment to chat with one of our marketing experts today
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