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8 Best Practices in Healthcare Public Relations

Healthcare Public Relations -Disability and healthcare

No matter the area of focus, a good public relations campaign can sometimes be tricky. For healthcare, your PR representative should have knowledge about your product or service, not just PR knowledge. There are, however, some tips and best practices that can help to make your healthcare public relations campaign more effective and successful.

Here are 8 best practices in Healthcare Public Relations

Utilize a good spokesperson. 
It’s not just about the information, but the delivery of that information is equally important. People want to listen to speakers who are engaging while delivering the facts. Reporters, in particular, want to hear from someone who can educate them on the healthcare industry – new developments, advancements and so on, without sounding as if they are reading from a health pamphlet. Being able to deliver the information with equal parts enthusiasm and fact is gold.

Focus on the healthcare aspect 
Don’t ditch the product or service you are representing, but pitch a story while you’re at it. While the aim of the PR campaign is to highlight the company, a good campaign will allow information on healthcare to take the front seat. Highlight the issues this product or service will solve, and be clever about introducing the company in the release. Here’s what you should include:

  • Base your release on facts, statistics, outcomes and data
  • How will your product or service affect the industry? Relate it to news or any people-specific challenge in the healthcare industry.
  • Show the value! Highlight  impacts on the healthcare market or industry

3. Keep it simple

It’s easy to get caught up in the scientific names and jargon, but it’s just as easy to lose your audience. In healthcare, it is vital that your message is clearly communicated to your intended audience. Be sure to provide any additional resources that could be of assistance to your audience. Infographics and videos are a lot easier to follow and understand than a medical journal.

4. Keep it personal

Healthcare is personal. No matter the topic, there is someone who is able to relate. Leverage that relatability in your PR campaigns. Highlight how someone has benefited from or been impacted by your product or service and why it matters. Use emotive language to appeal to the emotions of your audience.

5. Align your PR and Marketing strategy

What you don’t want to happen is to be sending two different messages out to the public. The most effective way to boost your PR campaign is to align it with your marketing strategy. Unison among the delivery of your communication

6. Utilize Social Media as a Healthcare Public Relations Tool

Let’s be honest, social media is currently the most powerful tool when it comes to marketing at this moment. However, brands must take a different approach than the typical sales and advertising campaigns when dealing with PR for healthcare. It is critical to cultivate a following that trusts your messaging. It is also important to engage your audience on a continuous basis. This is the only way to ensure they are listening to what you are communicating.

7. Measure Your Healthcare Public Relations Campaign with Consistent Metrics

Your metrics are one of the few ways to really know if your campaign is working. Whether it’s a click, a share or a conversion, tracking your metrics across the platforms you use is important. This way, you can know if you need to pivot on your strategy or if you are reaching your intended audience.

8. Generate good media interest

We’re living in a media-driven world, and in order to succeed, we have to leverage this as best as possible. The press is always hungry for good stories, and this works to your advantage. Build great media relationships by keeping your press releases factual, trustworthy and interesting.

Medical Marketing Experts at Invigo Media

The team of healthcare marketing experts at Invigo Media can show you how to use these marketing and public relations practices to build relationships, strengthen your reputation and ultimately boost your online presence. Let us be your guide. Schedule an appointment with us today.

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