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8 Types of Messages for Healthcare Email Marketing Success

8 Types of Healthcare Emails to Boost Engagement

Email continues to be a solid mode of communication, even in the age of social media and mobile apps. Unlike other modes of communication, it takes less effort on your part to build a list of contacts. When patients sign up to receive emails from you, they want to hear from you. This presents a golden opportunity for practices like yours to use healthcare email marketing to stay top of mind with patients.

Research also shows that email still deserves to be a part of any healthcare marketing plan. According to a 2022 Statista report, there were four billion email users worldwide in 2020. The number is projected to grow in the coming years.

If you are just getting started with medical email marketing, rest assured that it’s never too late. Here are the eight most common types of marketing emails to incorporate into your healthcare email marketing strategy.

Welcome Emails

A welcome email is your chance to make a good first impression on your subscribers. You can set up an automatic message that will be sent at the exact moment they confirm their registration. It lets your subscribers know that they are important and that you’re ready to meet their needs.

Health Tips as a Medical Email Marketing Tactic

People are becoming more health conscious. Therefore they will be grateful if you share health-related information and resources. Furthermore, you’re letting your audience know that you are there to inform and guide them will foster an authentic rapport.

Email Newsletters

This type of marketing email can be used to send out new content from your blog or share general news about your practice. It can be a great touch-point with your subscribers as you nurture them for the long haul.

Additionally, you should use a compelling subject line to entice them to open and read. Keep the format simple and consistent each time so that  your readers can get accustomed to what to expect

Include Promotions in Your Healthcare Email Marketing Campaign

Once you’ve reeled your audience in you need to show how much you appreciate their support. Promotions will certainly sweeten the deal. A perfect way to announce these promotions is via your email newsletter. Moreover, this tactic proves to your clients that you value their satisfaction and attention.

Promote Your Services and Products

Once you have established a relationship with your audience, you can advertise your services and products. Remember to strategically craft your messages to match your patients’ needs with what you offer. Finally, be sure to include a compelling call to action.

Confirm Your Patients’ Appointments

This is a simple gesture that goes a long way in impressing patients. Ensure that you use an obvious subject line, such as “Dental Appointment Confirmed”. In addition, include add-to-calendar buttons. These will improve the odds of your patients keeping their appointments.

Share Testimonials

You can significantly boost credibility with testimonials. Having third-party opinions will demonstrate to your audience that you are trustworthy and exceptional. Ensure that you ask satisfied patients to share their experiences on camera or in writing.

Happy Birthday Emails

Extending birthday wishes to your patients allows you to add more personality to your brand. It shows how considerate you are and improves patient satisfaction.

Healthcare Email Marketing Specialists at Invigo Media

Email marketing allows you to establish a personal link with your patients. You stay on top of mind and remind everyone of the care and expertise you provide.

The team at Invigo Media can help you to build a long-term relationship with your patients through email drip campaigns and email newsletters. Contact us today and make your appointment. Get in touch by sending an email to [email protected].

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