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A CEO’s Guide to Hospital Marketing (Digital)

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Your patients’ health is critical for your short-term survival. Their satisfaction is vital for your long-term growth. In this blog, we will cover some elements related to hospital marketing in the digital era and why you should implement them.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO refers to how relevant your content is to what you provide and how relevant your content is for the searcher so that it appears in the top three Google searches. Without good SEO, this may mean fewer page views, clicks, and ultimately: patients.

A 2020 study revealed that the first three (organic i.e., not ads) positions (non-branded) on a Google search received more than 50% of the total click-throughs (Advanced Web Ranking, 2021).

You may have already heard of keywords but simply placing the word “hospital” one hundred times on your webpage is not going to be enough to boost you up the search list and get you on the podium.

Ensure your content on every page of your website is relevant to the services you provide. If your page title is “Radiology Department” but your main content is about the hospital’s food court nearest the radiology department, your score will be low. Why? Because your content isn’t answering the questions that users are looking for (it’s not relevant).

Website – Keep It User-Friendly

Potential patients will find all their information about your hospital online. Yes, display your doctors, nurses and staff, and different sections for each department. However, why not use your website as a means to keep users engaged? What does every doctor say is the best care?

Preventative care!

Use your website as a space to dish out health tips, recommendations, and ways to keep you and your family as healthy as possible! Essentially, here you’re providing free information to people who need it (=bonus points).

If you’ve done all this, you’re halfway there. How to get the full way there? Ensure that your website is simple enough that a child can navigate around it. Keep your content simple (avoid big words that the everyday individual wouldn’t use), use images and diagrams that are easy on the eyes.

Social Media – Everyone’s On It

When one thinks of a hospital, Instagram doesn’t seem like an appropriate collocation. However.  Appearing in ‘feeds’ is a prime way to build brand awareness.

For example, if you post an interesting or unusual fact/tip, the user who sees it is likely to remember it and, alas, remember its source – your hospital!

Another bonus? Social media is a prime platform to reach potential employees; yes, doctors are on Facebook too! If your content is engaging, people will be interested and want to find out more about you!

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