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Being a practioner in alternative medicine is already challenging enough.
You are an expert in your field, let us , medical marketing experts, step in and help in our area of specialty.

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    Alternative Medicine Marketing Best Practices

    Alternative Medicine Advertising

    Alternative Medicine AdvertisingYou know that people are looking for something very specific when trying to find your clinic. Your patients are acutely aware of their health concerns. Their solution? Get tested and start to heal.

    Are you using Google My Business? Google’s directory for businesses.

    Creating an account takes no time, and it’s free. With Google My Business, you can add your hours of operation, photos of your business, your website, collect reviews from users, and answer questions people may have about your services.

    Alternative Medicine Clinic in New YorkThe primary difference between businesses that utilize Google My Business, and the ones that don’t, is night and day. By adding specifics such as your website, field of work and hours of operation into your business listing, patients have more confidence that your clinic is active and offers the services they need.

    Maintaining and growing your community online should play a key role in building your digital marketing strategy. Your patients are your business’s biggest cheerleaders who will refer other people to you. Making it accessible for them to write a review will only benefit your clinic.. Social proof  is crucial to build your brand online. It builds trust with prospective patients, and reinforces your status as an expert in alternative medicine.

    Alternative Medicine SEO Marketing

    Alternative Medicine SEO MarketingNow that Google My Business is up and running? You’ve invited people to visit your website, what do they do once they get there? Does it answer their questions about alternative medicine? Or leave them confused, lost, and with more questions than when they started?

    Imagine your website is more than a handout or a brochure; imagine it’s a self-operating marketing machine, that runs on nothing 24/7 and continues to put your practice in front of people you know are looking for your services on line.

    We do this through Search engine optimization—or SEO— this means making your website’s content as discoverable for search engine’s as possible. Using the right phrases on the right pages, your website might just rank first when patients are looking for similar services.

    Why is it so important to rank first? It shows prospective patients trust, authority, and the likeliness that this result will answer their question.  SEO comes from the website as a whole, and things like how long users spend on pages and what they do on your website affect your SEO score. For example, even if your website did rank high for searches about alternative medicine, if the content of the website isn’t good, search engines would soon be able to tell by the number of users clicking onto the site, and immediately clicking away because they didn’t get what they needed.

    Alternative Medicine PPC Services

    Alternative Medicine PPC ServicesWhile search engine optimization lends a huge helping hand to stay visible in the market, building on your search rankings by keeping your content up to date is a fantastic long-term strategy, but is just that: a long-term strategy.

    However, it’s not the only way to give your digital marketing efforts a boost. There’s never been a better time to put targeting ads in front of people who you know are in the market for your service. Pay-per-click advertising systems such as Google AdWorks and Facebook ads are optimized to give you the greatest number of acquisitions for the lowest cost. They have targeting features so you know that you’re marketing directly to your in-market segments.

    These systems do have more sophisticated levels of targeting and optimization that you can modify yourself. However, we recommend leaving this to digital marketing experts to monitor this closely and analyze it for you.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Alternative Medicine Marketing

    How To Market An Alternative Medicine Clinic?

    There are literally hundreds of ways you can market your alternative medicine clinic or practice. However, the best way is to just focus on these three proven ways. In fact, we've been using these exact steps for hundreds of medical clinics. Step 1: Get your medical clinic a presence on Google by using their Google My Business Service. Step 2: Start a website right away. It's going to take time to establish it so the sooner the better. Step 3: Get an immediate flow of patients using pay per click services.

    Should I List My Alternative Medicine Clinic On Google?

    As we mentioned earlier, most definitely. Getting your clinic listed on Google is a must and will help you get some patients right away.

    How Long Does SEO For An Alternative Medicine Clinic Take?

    Search engine optimization, in general, takes some time. Months usually. So think of SEO as a long term strategy. Once this channel is established though, you won't have to worry much about finding patients. That is a given.

    For An Alternative Medicine, Which Pay Per Click Service Works Best?

    Considering there are so many different PPC services, this could really be confusing. We suggest you just focus on Facebook Ads or Google Adwords.

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