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    Ambulatory Surgery Marketing Ideas and Strategies

    Ambulatory Surgery Advertising

    Ambulatory Surgery Result

    It’s highly likely that you are enjoying at least a decent level of foot traffic into your healthcare facility for ambulatory surgery and other outpatient services.

    Assuming that your clients are not just satisfied, but thrilled with the service they receive and the results they enjoy, are you capitalizing on that positivity?

    Most ambulatory surgery clinics and offices are not.

    Did you realize you could transform your patients into vocal advocates for your business? And, what’s more is that you don’t need to pay them for it.

    With today’s social media and other marketing advancements, there are incredible opportunities for just about any medical professional to capitalize on the quality service they already provide and generate more interest going forward.

    Like it or not, competition is getting tougher.

    And Google, like other search engines, are making it easier for your competitors who are technologically savvy to take a bigger and bigger bite out of your prospective client base.

    It’s time to put an end to that.

    Take a look at Google’s listing for a specific ambulatory surgery center in Miami:

    Notice what’s on the side? Immediate information about the business, its location and hours, and, of course, reviews.

    Bad reviews can hurt, but great reviews can boost your ranking.

    If you don’t have your ambulatory surgery business listed on the Google My Business free service, you could very well be missing out on dozens, possibly even hundreds of prospective clients.

    This could immediately increase the number of people reaching out to your clinic daily. But that’s not all you can be doing to boost your numbers and bottom line.

    Ambulatory Surgery SEO Marketing

    The next step is to focus on SEO. Also commonly referred to as search engine optimization, SEO is a major factor in modern business marketing.

    This is where the rubber meets the road.

    Once you have your business listed on Google, you need to focus on your website. While it’s true that more and more ambulatory service clinics and businesses are building websites today, it needs to be modern, responsive, and well-designed.

    It also needs to focus on technical SEO, meaning the things Google and other search engines care about most. Those are the behind the scenes factors few people outside of web design and marketing even understand.

    You need to use the right tags so Google can rank your website properly. You also need good, quality, consistent content.

    Backlinks from other businesses referring back to something you’ve written, such as a blog or article, are also going to boost your ranking and reputation.

    These are all vital, as well as the design of the website itself, but is this going to offer immediate results?

    No. It can take several months before you enjoy the organic results that these efforts will produce. But, once they do produce them, your business can grow, grow, grow!

    In the meantime, once you have your business listed properly on Google and are working on your website presence and reputation, you need to market digitally.

    This is known as PPC.

    Ambulatory Surgery PPC Services

    Also referred to as pay per click marketing, this is a vital component of modern marketing strategies.

    This is, essentially, the most effective and fastest way to get results now.

    Digital marketing services have made it possible for businesses of just about any size to compete on a local, regional, national, or even international stage.

    The tools for digital marketing, though, have become quite sophisticated.

    It’s not as easy as it was just a decade ago.

    You need to set up your ads properly to target your prime audience, geographic location, and the most effective keywords.

    Then you have to continually test different sets of ads to see which ones are producing the results you want, need, and expect.

    When you get these three marketing components working together, your ambulatory surgery business will thrive.

    No longer will you have to worry about competition, what they’re doing, and you’ll be able to turn your satisfied, even thrilled patients into vocal supporters through Google My Business.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Ambulatory Surgery Marketing

    What does ambulatory surgery mean?

    This essentially refers to outpatient surgery. It is sometimes called “same-day” surgery. If the patient is expected to be able to return home that same day following surgery, this essentially defines ambulatory surgery.

    What does ambulatory care mean?

    These are medical services that are performed on an outpatient basis. There is no need for a patient to be admitted to a hospital or other long-term care facility. There are many different types of ambulatory care, including dialysis clinics, ambulatory surgical centers, outpatient departments that are associated with hospitals, and other outpatient healthcare professionals.

    What is considered an ambulatory surgery center?

    These are medical facilities that specialize in same day surgical procedures. They are not designed nor intended to offer emergency level care. Some of these ambulatory surgery centers are also commonly referred to as surgicenters. The term has also been referred to as ASCs.

    What is the difference between an ambulatory surgery center and a hospital?

    Ambulatory surgery centers, sometimes called ASCs, are freestanding outpatient facilities. They are fully licensed to provide surgical procedures on an outpatient, same day basis. Hospitals provide far more resources to handle more intensive surgeries and direct medical care than ambulatory surgery centers. In the event complications arise at an ambulatory surgery center, the patient may be transferred to a local hospital.

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