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Progressive Rehabilitation and Medicine

Dr. Sunny Kim at Progressive Rehabilitation and Medicine


Based in Cedar Rapids, IA, Progressive Rehabilitation Medicine was founded by Dr. Sunny Kim in 2005. He specializes in, and is passionate about helping patients improve the quality of life through a range of treatments, including stem cells and other non-invasive to less-invasive therapies. With a medical degree from Ruters and completing his medical fellowships and residencies at the most prestigious hospitals in the country, Dr. Kim decided to take his expertise to Cedar Rapids to help the local community enjoy the benefits of the latest medical breakthroughs available.

The Objective

Dr. Kim wanted a marketing solution with a hands-on approach to enhance his practice. He needed a new site and a new marketing strategy that would promote him and enhance his expert status in the community.

Our Solutions

24/7 Site Management

After designing a new site from scratch for Dr. Kim, invigoMEDIA began to maintain the site completely, adding and updating content when needed. invigo Media knows that doctors work long hours, and it’s not uncommon to receive requests for changes or additions at all times of the day. They are almost always completed within 24-48 hours.

A New Marketing and Sales Dashboard

invigoMEDIA implemented EverGenius®, the company’s in-house software for marketing and sales. The clinic was able to use the software to book appointments, contact patients for reminders, and track sales from the day they signed up for a free seminar to the day they walked out of the clinic feeling better again.

Our Brands

invigo's strategic brands help drive and inform invigo’s success.

The Ultimate Patient Relationship Manager. EverGenius® gives you everything you need to build, grow, and scale your practice. invigo's EXCLUSIVE software tracking and automation tool.

Separating the good from the Great. An online reputation site for practices around the country, helping patients and clinics connect with each other.

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