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Doctor Reputation Management

Doctor Reputation Management Doctor Reputation Management - 1

How and Where Doctors Should Focus on Reputation Management All doctors understand how reputation impacts their practice. From keeping patients to attracting new ones, reputation management has always been crucial. Today, however, the internet has significantly up-ended traditional norms of doctor-patient engagement, introduced comparison healthcare shopping to the public, and put a whole new emphasis […]

Patient Reviews and Your Reputation

Patient Reviews and Your Reputation patient reviews

Why Online Patient Reviews Matter to Your Practice All doctors understand the role that reputation plays in attracting new patients to their practices. But not all doctors realize today’s impact of online sites that invite patient reviews. Love them or hate them, these sites are here to stay and they are influencing how new patients […]

How Conversion Optimization Gets You New Patients

How Conversion Optimization Gets You New Patients cro

Is Your Website Getting New Patients? Conversion Optimization Tips Does merely reading the words “conversion optimization” cross your eyes or make your heart freeze? You aren’t alone. There are plenty of doctors and office managers who avoid the topic of conversion rate optimization (CRO) the same way parents avoid giving “The Talk” to their twelve-year-old. […]

Employee Engagement. Essential? Absolutely!

Employee Engagement. Essential? Absolutely! happy doctors

Employee Engagement: Take It to Heart for Business Success   The term “employee engagement” has been heard so often in business, it’s taken on cliché status. In fact, as employers we can become a little tone deaf to it. But being so is a big mistake.   Employee engagement is one of the fundamental cogs that […]

CRO: The Secret to Great Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO: The Secret to Great Conversion Rate Optimization InvigoMedia Conversion Rate Optimization

How Conversion Rate Optimization Affects Website Optimization You may think that medical practices don’t need to make website optimization a priority for growing their business and increasing their bottom line. But you need to think again. Patients today are highly proactive in selecting specialist referrals made by their primary care doctors. Indeed, modern patients -including […]

Content Marketing

Content Marketing hands reaching in to brainstorm content marketing

You’ve heard it before, and you’ll continue to hear it time and time again: “content is king.”. Online marketers know this mantra well, but how familiar is it to business owners and medical doctors like you? As a healthcare practice owner, you most likely have the basics in place. Website – check. Social media presence […]

Bob Mangat CEO and Founder Featured On

Bob Mangat CEO and Founder Featured On Bob Mangat CEO and Founder Featured On - 12

Why Most Social Media Strategies Fail: The Importance of Engagement You do know that social media is important for your success online, right? Of course you do. It’s the 21st Century and pretty much everyone has some sort of social media account. Well, at least 73% of adults do. But just because you’re on Facebook, […]

Bob Mangat Featured on Derek’s Home & Business Blog

Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses to Attract Customers   Attract More Customers! 10 Internet Marketing Strategies For Small Business Owners Small business owners are the lifeblood of our economy. According to The U.S. Small Business Administration, since 1995, small businesses have attributed close to 50 percent of the total United States private payroll. That’s pretty […]