How To Create The Business Of Your Dreams Through Marketing Automation Marketing automation

How To Create The Business Of Your Dreams Through Marketing Automation

Marketing automation solutions are pivotal to growing your business and freeing up your time to do what you do best. While some so-called experts encourage people to rely solely on SEO (search engine optimization), referrals, or direct mail marketing to build their customer base, the truth is that if you want your business to skyrocket, […]

Four Marketing Mistakes to Avoid this Year

Four Marketing Mistakes to Avoid this Year

As the year rolls along, many medical practices are finding themselves stretched thin in regards to time and resources. Medical practices today have a lot on their plates, and there is a lot that goes into growing the business. In a world of digital content, patient interactions, new therapies and procedures, and new discoveries, many […]

Understanding Unique Value Proposition Parents giving piggyback ride to children

Understanding Unique Value Proposition

A Unique Value Proposition, also commonly known as a UVP, is a fundamental aspect of successful business marketing in today’s competitive market.  It lets visitors and potential patients know what you do or have to offer, how you can help them with their problem, and it implies why you are better than your competition. Without […]

Medical Branding Wealthy Woman Stepping Out Of Car At Terminal

Medical Branding

Have you ever stopped to consider how branding impacts your everyday decision making? Proper media exposure can bring in a large volume of new patients very quickly and increase the branding and expertise of your practice. Any doctor will appreciate that. Generating media exposure is an often overlooked or underutilized tool in medical marketing, particularly […]

Doctor Reputation Management

Doctor Reputation Management

How and Where Doctors Should Focus on Reputation Management All doctors understand how reputation impacts their practice. From keeping patients to attracting new ones, reputation management has always been crucial. Today, however, the internet has significantly up-ended traditional norms of doctor-patient engagement, introduced comparison healthcare shopping to the public, and put a whole new emphasis […]

Patient Reviews and Your Reputation patient reviews

Patient Reviews and Your Reputation

Why Online Patient Reviews Matter to Your Practice All doctors understand the role that reputation plays in attracting new patients to their practices. But not all doctors realize today’s impact of online sites that invite patient reviews. Love them or hate them, these sites are here to stay and they are influencing how new patients […]

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