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How to Use Digital Audio Advertsing for Your Healthcare Practice

The strategies are almost endless when it comes to healthcare marketing. You’ve probably run a few static ads on Google, maybe some 30-second ads on YouTube and a few social media campaigns, but have you ever considered digital audio advertising for your practice?

People like to listen to music or their favourite podcast and online radio show while they run errands, drive to work or do everyday activities such as jogging or cleaning. You should capitalize on digital audio advertising as an excellent opportunity to reach more potential patients who listen to health and wellness shows and other related content.

Streaming audio is steadily gaining traction. Research conducted in 2019 shows that 54% of podcast listeners stated that they will more than likely consider purchasing from a brand after hearing its ad. You too can get in on the action. In this article, we will explain why your healthcare marketing plan should include digital audio marketing tactics.

What is Digital Audio Advertising?

Digital audio advertising or programmatic audio advertising refers to the selling and placement of ads in digital audio content such as digital radio, podcasts and streaming music services. You can stream audio content on mobile phones, desktop computers, laptops and other devices.

Unlike traditional radio advertising, digital audio advertising uses more data-driven targeting to reach audiences. Also, audio ads tend to be more conversational in tone and are sometimes segued into discussions.

Types of Digital Audio Ads for Your Healthcare Marketing Plan

You can promote your practice or clinic to listeners by using one or more of the following

Podcast Ads

You can include these to certainly boost any healthcare marketing campaign. Using them may no longer be optional considering the fact that most consumers now prefer a seamless omnichannel experience. Remember that your prospective patients are among these consumers.

There are two types of podcast ads:

  • Pre-Produced Ads – You produce these pre-recorded spots as the sponsor. In other instances, the host will read from a script. These are included in an episode during post-production.
  • Native Ads – These are ads done live during the recording of an episode, usually delivered off-script. This is where the host will talk about your clinic, pharmacy or office in a conversational manner.

Bear in mind that listeners view their favourite podcasters as trusted sources. Therefore you need to do your research on podcast hosts and shows that are aligned with your services.  You may enjoy more success with podcast marketing if you place ads on shows that are not only related to your practice but also where the host can promote it in an effortless way.

Streaming Audio Ads

You can also add streaming ads as a healthcare marketing strategy. Use streaming services such as Spotify and Pandora to be more targeted with your ads. Prospective patients will hear ads that seem to be a little personalized because they are related to their online searches. Your ads could be one of those that reach the right audience at the perfect times.

With streaming ads, you aren’t just limited to audio. You can explore the following ad options to get more bang for your buck:

  • Display Ads – Banners that appear in placements on a streaming app’s free version.
  • Sponsored Sessions – Video ads that give listeners a stretch of ad-free listening in exchange for watching.
  • Cross-device Audio – Ads that run on mobile phones, desktops, gaming consoles, smart TVs, etc.
  • Video Takeovers – Clickable video ads that fill up the entire app screen during a commercial break.

Direct Response Ads

These are a cross between native ads and product placements. You will prepare a short script to be read by the host of a show. The ad ends with the host encouraging listeners to do an action, such as “visit their website” or “make an appointment and get 20% off your next visit.” Even though the host will mention that their discussion is sponsored, your prospective patients and other listeners may feel like they are getting a solid recommendation from the host.

Sponsored Content

Digital audio marketing also takes into account sponsored content. In order to sponsor content, you will need to pay the producers to create interesting content related to your services. Although it will subtly promote your practice or clinic, the host will disclose that you sponsored the podcast. They will also share information about your services.

Do You Want to Add Digital Audio Advertising to Your Healthcare Marketing Plan?

By expanding your marketing strategy to include digital audio advertising, you have the ability to reach potential patients on a level that works with their listening habits. A healthcare digital marketing agency like Invigo Media can guide you as you strategize for growth and success. Book an appointment with our digital marketing experts today.

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