The 3-Tier System Getting Medical Clinics 10+ NEW Cash-Pay Patients (Not Just ‘Leads’) Every Month

If that’s you, our team will personally help you 2x, 3x, even 10x your practice & become the #1 Premium Clinic in your area over the next few months!

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    Here’s How This System Will Deliver You
    10+ NEW Cash-Pay Patients Every Month…

    Rather than just sending your clinic “cheap leads”…
    …we actually get you new patients

    Most marketing companies guess and run tests with your money…
    Which is why one month – things go well – but the next, the results are in the toilet.And it’s why most other marketing companies don’t guarantee their results…

    10+ NEW patient, every month &
    we GUARANTEE our results, because…

    After working with over 1,531 clinics, generating 100,000+ leads/patients, and over $40million in sales…

    We’ve uncovered a systematic & formulaic process (that works in ANY market… big city, small town, and for all different types of clinics) for generating new patients.

    And that’s how we can guarantee our results with our system when we work with your clinic. Because we don’t just fix one thing and hope for the best… we personally implement a rock-solid, full-function system.

    Rather than do “one thing”
    for you, we do it all:

    • We get you ranking first-page on Google so you get MORE website visitors
    • We optimize your website so MORE visitors convert into leads & patients.
    • We run Google Ads with our unique formula to get you cash-pay, service-specific patients.
    • And much, much more…

    How Our PROVEN ‘3-Tier’ System Works…



    To create celebrity status, authority and influence in your market



    To generate direct new patient bookings



    To effortlessly convert prospects and leads into patients... and keep them.



    The Goal: To create celebrity status, authority and influence in your market

    Whoever has the most "celebrity status" in the market... gets the most patients.

    We help you build celebrity status by creating and distributing authority-building content to expand your presence and grow your brand. We make sure you have a premium-grade website. We create eBooks for you. Blog for you. Post on social media every week… and much, much more… so your market sees you as the expert you are.

    • Become the #1 choice & leading authority in your area
    • Patients are willing to pay more for high-priced services
    • Never chase leads around on the phone
    • Patients trust you and view you as the expert you are BEFORE they ever walk into your clinic.


    The Goal: To generate direct new-patient bookings

    Imagine new cash-in-hand patients walking into your practice, every week...

    Our “People-In-The-Door-Marketing” campaigns are proven…

    …and our track-record of helping over 1,531 businesses… generating over $40million and 100,000 leads backs up that claim..

    We’ll be implementing the same exact “direct-booking” marketing system that’s working for over 1,531 clinics… and which took my previous business to over $30 million in less than 18 months into your practice…

    So you get new patients walking through your doors, every week…



    The Goal: To close patients over and over again, every month.

    To effortlessly convert prospects & leads into patients

    Having a really good ‘lead generation’ and marketing system is great, but the thing is…

    Leads do NOT always equal new patients.

    Which is where our conversion & retention systems come in.

    We train your staff to convert prospects & leads into patients . We teach you how to get new patients to deliver referrals. And we implement technology that’s helped our other clients increase conversion up to 90%…

    What’s This Look Like For YOU?

    Imagine walking into your office every morning, and your front desk says:

    We just signed another new patient… that’s the 7th one this week

    & having that happen week… after week… after week.

    AND… being able to depend on this system every single month to deliver new patients.

    Well, that’s the TRUE benefit of what we’re offering here.

    A proven, dependable system.

    AMAZING Results With Google Ads

    Progressive Medical Center came to us… spending nearly $20,000 on Google ads every month with another marketing company…

    BEFORE working with us:

    However, after we implemented our system – we were able to DOUBLE their results
    while SLASHING their marketing costs nearly in half

    AFTER working with us:

    That’s a 47.92% decrease in ad spend & a 61.36% decrease in cost per conversions in 30 days…

    RIDICULOUS Conversion Rates

    Ramesh Kumar, owner of Lifewell M.D (a multi-location oncology business he’s been running since 1994) was struggling to attract the affluent community…

    BEFORE:Relying on referrals. Struggling to attract new patients. Outdated online presence

    AFTER: Within 90 days… we increased new patient consultations from 3-4 per month to 4-5 per week. That’s an increase of over 500% within the first 90 days!

    We also increased their inbound call volume by 376%…

    INCREDIBLE SEO Rankings & Numbers

    Before: Generating $17k/mo in revenue… practically zero keyword rankings

    After: Ranked first-page on Google for multiple local service-specific keywords… Booked $75,000+ in procedures in ONE month

    What’s The Catch?

    Well, since we know what we offer works.
    And since we’ve proven it time and time again with over 1,531 clinics…

    AND since we guarantee our results.
    We’re NOT cheap.

    Now.. the ROI is always worth it. It’s there. You can expect this system will make you money, but that’s also the reason why…

    If you want “cheap” – we’re not for you, so you may as well leave this page now, however…

    A More ‘In-Depth’ Explanation Of Our Proven Process…

    Almost everyone is online today, right?

    But the problem is…

    Most people think they can scribble some words down on social media, or post an ad and patients will flock to them.

    Sadly, that’s not how it works…
    You need to STRATEGICALLY walk people through specific processes conducive to the sale of your service.

    This is where our C3 Process comes in:

    Phase 1: Capture

    We speak to your market about THEIR problems in THEIR language to capture their attention & build trust...

    Phase 2: Connect

    We strategically educate your prospects so they're bought in to your process before they ever visit your clinic.

    Phase 3: Close

    We show you how to properly motivate your prospects to take action to solve their problem now, and then simply help them solve that problem.

    372 leads in 31 days with
    a simple eBook campaign
    for Dr. Ramesh Kumar, MD

    Phase 1: Capture

    You get front-end marketing pieces that CAPTURE the attention of your market… Whether it’s a quiz, an article, or an eBook. We market relevant information to a specific niche market, and build a targeted list of ‘interested’ prospects.

    Most marketing companies stop right here and send you these ‘front-end’ leads, but we keep going…

    This patient
    ended up
    converting for a
    $3,500+ service
    because of this

    Phase 2: Connect

    You wouldn’t ask someone to marry you on the first date… so stop trying to close low-quality ‘front-end’ leads who don’t know who you are or what your practice is about.

    We implement automated follow-up systems designed to “warm-up” & CONNECT with your leads. And we implement systems to filter out any low-quality leads.

    $20,000+ a few hours after
    implementing Phase 3… went on to
    close more than $460,000 worth of
    business over the next few months.

    Phase 3: Close

    Your services aren’t for everyone, however when you capture & connect with your market PROPERLY…

    The leads you speak with will already feel like they KNOW you and your practice. They’ll be pre-qualified. And ready to pay. Combined with the unique closing process we train your staff on and help you implement… your practice growth rate can SKYROCKET!

    Plus, We’ve Discovered A Unique Way
    To INCREASE Patient Profits…

    Up-Sell & Re-Sell

    Getting new patients is great, however…

    The REAL money comes when you increase the life-time value of every new patient you get.

    Think about it… how much more money would you make if every patient started paying you 2x more…?

    We consult with you to add in additional upsell and resell services and products already adding profits for our current partners.

    What Makes Our System So REVOLUTIONARY…?
    Everything Is MEASURED

    No confusing analytic reports.
    No bad decisions.
    No ‘guessing’

    what your campaign’s profit is. We’ve invested over $200,000 into a special software for you to track ALL the numbers this system generates.

    Each lead is tracked. Every dollar is accounted for.

    When you partner with us, you get to see how ALL of your marketing campaigns are performing. And each month, we can pinpoint the EXACT return-on-investment you get.

    So you feel confident and can make the most educated decisions possible for your business.

    Every Lead Is PRE-QUALIFIED

    While most marketing agencies promise you “cheap leads”… .

    ..we know the REAL money is in the amount of *PATIENTS* you generate, not ‘leads’.

    Which is why we focus on QUALITY…

    NOT quantity.

    Our Leads:

    • Can afford higher-priced services.
    • ​Are EXCLUSIVE to your practice.
    • Are already educated on who you are & trust you.
    • Are serious about getting help.

    ‘Their’ Leads:

    • Often don’t have the money… ​
    • Are price-shopping other practices…
    • Don’t know who you are… or why you’re calling…
    • Are ‘just looking for more info’

    Every Lead Is PRE-QUALIFIED

    • No work required on your end – no creating content, or spending time researching.
      We do the heavy lifting for you.
    • No experience with marketing required. Most doctors we help have no clue where to begin with their marketing… let alone how to attract ‘ideal’ patients… we help you with all the details
    • No massive amount of time to get started. Expect results within the first month.

    Listen… We’re NOT Your Regular ‘Marketing Company’

    We Grow Clinics
    …And We Have FUN Doing It

    When you work with us…

    You’re not only getting the best of the best (a team over 1,531 clinics trust to grow their clinic and generate sales to the tune of $40MILLION… )

    You’re not only getting a world-class marketing team taking a vested interest in the long-term health and growth of YOUR medical practice.

    You become a part of our family, community, and mastermind.

    Multi-Specialty Marketing

    Here’s What Clinics Are Saying About Working With Us…

    “We went from losing 90% of my staff [to the hospital]… to rehiring and now I’m looking at opening up another clinic.”

    Dr. Sunny Kim
    Progressive Rehabilitation and Medicine
    Cedar Rapids, IA

    More Testimonials

    “80% increase in patient conversion in less than 2 months!

    “A full time ‘experienced’ digital media department for less than a part time employee.”

    “We had to put a stop to it. With over 80 leads in one month we just can’t keep up!”

    “It took the other’s six months to what [invigo] did in a few weeks. Amazing!”

    “408 calls in one day, the girls said it was a slow day…”

    There’s A REASON Why Some Of The Leading
    Medical Brands Choose Us To Grow Their Practice…

    Want To See How Our ‘3-Tier System’
    Can Help Grow YOUR Practice…?

    STOP wasting money on marketing that doesn’t get you results.

    STOP wasting time speaking with low-quality leads who can’t afford your services.

    STOP wasting energy bouncing around from marketing tactic to tactic…

    Over 1,531 clinics can’t be wrong.

    Our system is PROVEN. Period.

    Your family… your staff… and you yourself deserve to see how this system can grow your practice and change your life.

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