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4 Tips for Using Google Ads to Market Your Med Spa

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As the medical spa industry grows, so does the competition. Today, people have many options as to where they go for procedures, such as botox, CoolSculpting, and laser hair removal. One effective way to keep up with your competition is by using Google Ads to market your med spa.

Your prospective and existing clients conduct daily searches on Google, so it would be advantageous for you to advertise with that search engine. According to a 2016 Google report, advertisers make as much as $8 for every $1 spent. Furthermore, by advertising on Google, you will be showcasing services that people are searching for. In this article, we will share how you can leverage Google Ads to market your med spa as an effective strategy.

Use More Pointed Keywords in Your Google Ads

Using broad keywords in your Google Ads is comparable to a luxury real estate agent who hands out business cards on the street. They will more than likely yield better results if they distribute the cards at a corporate mingle or at an open house viewing in an upscale area.

Similarly, if your keywords aren’t specific enough, Google will show your ads to an audience that may not be interested in your med spa services. Use specific keywords so that you can get more clicks and better returns on your ad spend.

Your med spa advertising strategy should include testing and tweaking so that you will know what keywords are generating clicks. Keep adjusting your ads until you find the most effective keywords.

Capitalize on Your Audience’s Intent

What are your potential clients searching for on Google? Answer their queries with relevant Google Ads that contain those keywords. For instance, you could create Google Ads about fillers that will pop up when people are searching for information on said topic.

When your ad matches the searcher’s intent, you are more likely to get clicks that justify your ad spend. Ensure that your headline and copy match the keywords that you are bidding on. Moreover, the ad needs to present your med spa services as a solution for your prospective clients.

Add SEO to Your Ad Landing Page

To further enhance the user experience, you should ensure that your Google Ad is supported by a well-optimized landing page.  In addition, you need to make sure that both contain the same keywords. Be sure to include links to service pages that your potential client might find helpful.

Remember that an optimized landing page can generate leads for your med spa. When your prospective client clicks on your ad, they should experience a seamless transition through to the conversion.

Explore Retargeting When Using Google Ads to Market Your Med Spa

Sometimes internet users need a nudge to make a purchase or book an appointment after they’ve visited a site. That’s where retargeting comes in. It’s a subtle way to follow up with web users after they’ve clicked on your Google Ad and your landing page. Retargeting has also been proven to be effective – a 2019 report shows that web visitors are 70% more likely to convert when they see a retargeted ad.

Retargeting allows you to use simple codes to track your visitors’ cookies after they’ve left your landing page. Their cookies will prompt Google Ads to show your relevant ads when they visit similar pages. This helps your med spa to stay top of mind.

Do You Plan to Use Google Ads to Market Your Med Spa?

By including these strategies in your med spa marketing plan you will not only bring more traffic to your website but will also convert these visitors into clients. Not sure where to start? The digital marketing experts at Invigo Media can help you. As a Certified Google Partner, we are equipped to help boost your PPC marketing campaigns. Contact us today and make your appointment. Get in touch by sending an email to [email protected].

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