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How to market your telehealth services in 2022

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Marketing Your Telehealth Services: What You Need To Know

Telehealth (also called telemedicine), as you know, is providing/receiving care via an online platform on your computer, tablet, or smartphone (, n.d.). The term has become all the more common due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and though we’re optimistic we won’t be social distancing forever, we can’t see telehealth disappearing any time soon.

So, how should you be marketing your telehealth services in 2022?

1. Update Your Website

Source: (Sauceman, n.d.).

If accurately updated, your website could be your biggest promoter for your telehealth services. Many of your patients are unlikely to browse through your website, they’ve come onto your website to find something, and they’ll go straight to the page they need.

So how to make sure they see your all-new digital services?

We recommend these 3 tips:

1. Create a clear, simple, bold message on your home page that you now provide telehealth services (and, of course, provide a link to a new page on your website that is dedicated to this service).

2. Pop-ups! There are different kinds of pop-ups you could implement but we encourage a pop-up that appears the moment your webpage loads (as opposed to an exit pop-up, or timed pop-up). Why? You instantly make the user aware of your service, and if they don’t go straight to the page, they are likely to remember that you offer the service and investigate it more later!

3.  Ensure it is compatible with mobile devices! Nowadays, people tend to search for websites on their phones rather than their computers.

2. Emails

Source: (Healthie, n.d.)

Your current customers are the ones who are the most important people to be targeting. You have their emails, so why not drop them a short and concise email letting them know about your new services? Before trying to obtain new patients, you need to see what your current (and loyal) patients are saying about your service. If it has flaws, needs tweaking (etc.), they’re the ones who will (hopefully) be happy to tell you about it (whereas flaws in a system may scare off new patients).

3. Social Media

Source: (Sauceman, n.d.)

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – everyone’s on it.

If your practice already has an active presence, individuals may be using your social media page to get other pieces of information (e.g., if you’re actively posting about the COVID-19 pandemic, your followers are likely to check for your latest posts). Alas, if users are already on your page, they’re likely to see your post promoting your new telehealth service!

Don’t forget, platforms like Facebook and Instagram have the ‘story’ feature. Uploading a ‘story’ about your new services will likely reach more users than just a post!

4. Highlight benefits, anticipate (and then answer) potential doubts

Source: (Desai, 2012)

Points 1 through 3 have shown you various ways to get the (digital) word out about your new telehealth service. Now, by this point, you probably know your marketing strategy, but one thing is missing – the content.

The main points you need to highlight are the benefits of this new service. You need to tell the user (simply, spell it out for them) what they’re going to get out of using this new service.

Points you may want to highlight are:

·  Save time, no travel to and from appointments (also a huge convenience)

·  Healthcare from the comfort of your own home

·  Better assessment

·  Controls infectious diseases

Equally as important as the benefits are the potential doubts that may arise. Answer the question before a user has the chance to ask it.

Anticipate what questions people may ask and answer. An easy (and effective way) to do this is with FAQs. Dedicate a space on the service’s page to the FAQs.

Another way to prevent problems arising is by providing a simple checklist of some of the features of this new telehealth service:

✔️ Free app download

✔️ Book an appointment

✔️ Geolocation

✔️ Remote patient monitoring

✔️ Easy to use video conferencing

Keep all your content simple and short. Nobody will rate your service if they have to read a JSTOR report. Make it so friendly and easy to understand that the youngest and the eldest in your family could understand!


5. Ads

Source: (Jantsch, n.d.)

Last but not least: ads.

One major difference: ads require investment. If you’re able to set aside a budget for advertisements,  this is a great way to reach new patients..

Using ads allows you to target the specific people you want to reach, and at the same time, this lets you promote the content that you’d like to showcase!

By advertising, you’re creating a stronger digital footprint as it’s showing potential customers who you are and if your ads are set up correctly, i.e., the ads take you to the fully optimised website (which is user-friendly), then customers are more likely to be intrigued by your service.

Want to learn more about ads? Book an appointment with us today, and our experts will be happy to answer all your questions!

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“Take a crawl, walk, run approach” – Johnathan Treiber, co-founder of RevTrax

(Wicklund, 2020)

Starting with these 5 tips is a way to ensure that all your bases are covered. Take the crawl, walk, run approach. Your new service is bound to have its kinks and flaws (some small, some may be big) so get your current customer base to work them out for you. It’s always easier to gain new patients with a fully-functioning service than one that’s not 100% ready to go!

Get our team to help you figure out the kinks of marketing your telehealth service by booking an appointment with us today!


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