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How to Use Social Proof for Med Spa Marketing

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The foundation of any good relationship is trust. Such is the case for the bond between medical spas and their clients. If you want more people to visit your website and become clients then it’s only right that you show social proof across all of your med spa marketing platforms.

In a nutshell, social proof refers to the impact that people around us have on our behaviour and decision-making. As it pertains to med spa marketing, you can leverage social proof by connecting people to your med spa in the virtual world.

By including social proof on your website and social media channels you will build trust with clients sooner, improve your reputation and contribute to the growth of your med spa. In this article, we’ll look at ways you can add more social proof to your med spa marketing strategy.

Encourage and Display Reviews

Best believe we’re in an era where people will check reviews before booking an appointment at a med spa. In fact, a 2021 report showed that 77% of online users frequently read reviews for local businesses.

More and more potential clients are relying on “word of mouth”.  If a client is pleased with your body contouring or dermal filler procedures and customer service, you can ask them to leave reviews on Google, your website and your social media platforms if they feel comfortable doing so.

Work With Influencers as a Med Spa Marketing Tactic

Another way to build social proof is to partner with an influencer who is in the beauty space. This way you can reach thousands who have never heard about your med spa.

Followers build connections with the influencers they watch or listen to every day. Influencers understand the power they have, therefore they will feel compelled to share their honest opinions. If they enjoy your services then they will publicly endorse your med spa.

Forge solid partnerships with select influencers so that they can help build social proof for your med spa.

Partner with Thought Leaders in the Medical Spa Industry

Another great way to build trust for your med spa is by connecting with other experts. Perhaps you could reach out to the manufacturers of some of the brands you use. What if you followed them on social media, add your two cents in their comment sections and mention them in your posts when appropriate? They may value your input and may return the favour by following and mentioning your med spa.

You can also use a similar strategy to become a guest blogger for one of these brands. When a potential client sees your guest post or brand mention on a different website, they will end up landing on your page. Since they came from a brand they already trust, they are convinced that your med spa offers high-quality services.

Add Social Proof to Your Med Spa Marketing Plan

By building social proof for your med spa you can attract more clients, strengthen your reputation, improve brand visibility and forge more connections in the med spa industry. If you need help figuring out your marketing goals and finding ways to create content that resonates with your ideal clients then look no further than Invigo Media. As med spa marketing experts, we will work with you to create a plan that includes proven strategies to increase social proof for your med spa. Contact us today and schedule an appointment. You can also send an email to [email protected].

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