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invigoMEDIA Is Now A Part of Wishpond

invigoMEDIA and wishpond

Invigo Group Acquired by Wishpond for Marketing Solutions

In case you missed it, the Invigo Group (invigoMEDIA, EverGenius®) has been acquired by Wishpond Technologies Ltd. As such, both invigoMEDIA and EverGenius® will be now under the Wishpond business group.

A Perfect Fit

Wishpond is a global marketing platform, catered towards simplifying marketing while emphasizing growth solutions. This is a perfect fit for the services provided by the invigo Group.

It was always part of the eventual plan for invigo, and choosing Wishpond was undoubtedly the “perfect fit”. Based on the similarities, interests, and aligned business model, the invigo MEDIA services can continue without interruption.

Wishpond Technologies provides marketing-focused online business solutions and offers an “all-in-one” marketing suite that provides companies with marketing, promotion, lead generation, and sales conversion capabilities from one integrated platform. You can learn more at

Business As Usual

There have been many clients and clinics that have come under the invigo umbrella, as such those clients will resume all their services and continue their plans as is. The invigo/Wishpond merger will not deter any plans. The team will continue working to find growth and marketing solutions for practices.

This company as a whole will strive to be the #1 practice growth company worldwide and know there will be continued success as a result.


Should you have any questions about your services, or the acquisition, please feel free to contact us. 

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