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Environmental Health Center–Buffalo

Environmental Health Center–Buffalo is a Functional, Integrative, and Environmental medicine practice serving patients in Buffalo, New York, and throughout New York State. EHC was built entirely off of word of mouth and referrals and being run off of pen and paper since its inception. Wanting to streamline the practice and implement systems so it could one day sell…

EHC partners with invigoMedia to digitalize & automate practice


Health And Wellness, Functional Medicine, Regenerative Medicine, Alternative Medicine, Hair Restoration, Allergy Specialist


Outdated online presence, no capture forms in place, no tracking in place. Zero digital advertising being done. No Patient Relationship Management software/tracking. No authority and influence in local marketplace.

Client Challenges

Dr. Kalpana Patel MD, FAAP, FAAEM, DABEM, Owner & CEO of EHC-Buffalo had built her entire business off of word of mouth and referrals.

Even though her colleagues and friends were referring her lyme disease and mold allergy patients… her local market had no idea who she was. She needed to develop authority and influence in her marketplace.

Dr. Kalpana Patel wanted to see more high dollar patients, that did not leave her feeling burnt out from helping those with chronic illness.

However, EHC-Buffalo had a very outdated online presence. There were no patient capture forms in place, no tracking being done. And absolutely zero digital advertising.

Dr. Kalpana Patel knew she needed to do something different, so she partnered with invigoMedia to take her practice to the next level.


1. Expert Authority Mobile Responsive Website

EHC-Buffalo needed a mobile-responsive, high-quality website that conveyed authority for their local market. That way she’d have influence over her market so she could stop relying on referrals.

So we updated the brand image, built the site, and implemented the proper capture and tracking systems that turn website visitors into new patients.

2. TOMA (Top-of-Mind Awareness) Campaign

One of the goals Dr. Kalpana Patel had was to educate patients about the many services she provides. So we created eBooks and assets about the services she provides to EDUCATE patients. Allowing her to remain top of mind when they are ready to make decisions

3. Seminar Promotion

Dr. Kalpana Patel needed to position herself as an expert authority. So we helped promote local seminars designed to attract new patients and create local authority and influence.

4. “Plug-The-Leaks”

When working with Dr. Kalpana Patel we found a MASSIVE leak in her business… NO-ONE ANSWERED THE PHONE AT HER OFFICE! So we hired, and trained a new patient coordinator for her.

5. “Story” Video

We needed to systemize and automate as much of the “rapport” process as possible. So, we Filmed, Directed, and Produced a high quality “Story” Video for her patients to start to get to know her long before they’ve ever met her, allowing her to develop even more influence with patients.

6. Multi-Step Marketing System To Create A Consistent, Predictable & Reliable Source Of New Patients

Using our multi-step marketing system, we then set out to create a consistent and predictable stream of new patients for Dr. Kalpana Patel.
  • We created lead-generating landing pages.
  • Setup, managed and optimized a Google Adwords campaign.
  • Retargeting and Facebook Ads to optimize conversions.
  • Implemented an SMS (text messaging) multi-step system using our in-house A.R.T. (Automated Response Technology)
  • And tracked everything with our Sales Pipeline and ROI Management strategies.

The Result

Dr. Kalpana Patel went from only seeing patients from 9AM-2PM monday to thursday, to completely booked 9-5+ for the next month and a half.

She now has a 45-60 day waiting list for new patient appointments

And we were also able to increase overall patient happiness by implementing a new staff member to facilitate on missed calls and lack of followup and follow through

The Final Stats

9-5+ Booked…

went from only seeing patients from 9AM-2PM monday to thursday, to completely booked 9-5+ for the next month and a half.


day waiting list for new
patient appointments

Patient Happiness

increased by implementing a new staff member to facilitate on missed calls and lack of followup and follow through

Hear From Dr. Kalpana Patel

“Information is so essential to empower patients to chose the best provider. They were able to take my message and building my profile more visible, so patients can find me. Talk is cheap, they’ve got a proven roadmap and they follow through”

Dr. Kalpana Patel, MD, FAAP, FAAEM, DABEM
Owner & CEO of EHC-Buffalo

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