Oculoplastics Marketing

In an industry that’s getting more saturated every year, you need a proven marketing system to help you stand out from the crowd. Have a look at our step by step marketing system that will help you get more oculoplastics patients and take your clinic to the next level.

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    Oculoplastics Marketing

    No matter how good you are doing right now, one of the best ways to get clients through the doors (As soon as possible) is by paying some solid attention to your Google Reviews.

    We all know that word of mouth marketing is the best. Well, in today’s world, that’s exactly what Google Reviews are. Better known as GMB or Google My Business, this is where you place your oculoplastics clinic’s address, pictures and things of that nature. It’s basically one of the best ways to start getting some regular patients right away.

    Best part, it’s free.

    Google started this service to separate the quality results from the rest. GMB has not only minimized spammy or fake sites out there but also given a major boost to local clinics that deserve it.

    Placing your business on GMB it’s actually the first step before doing any kind of online marketing. We highly recommend that you create a system where you can redirect your customers to leave a Google review so you can continue building your practice.

    So after you have some ongoing stream of local patients, what should be your next step?

    After all, you can’t be the only one in your city or area that is allowed to use this free service right?

    Well the next step is to build on it by investing into something called PPC and SEO.

    Oculoplastics SEO Marketing

    After your reviews start to roll in, it’s time to look into expanding into other channels. SEO would be one of them. Although a long term strategy, SEO will eventually help you get more patients and help you cut down your ad spend as well. That is if you are already utilizing paid services such as Google Adwords or Facebook Ads.

    So how does SEO work?

    SEO consists of three main steps. Fixing your site’s current technical issues (So you can be best friends with Google), structuring your site properly and then finally, it’s all about getting the word our there.

    For the technical side of things, there are many types of SEO tools that you can use to audit your site. Once the audit is done, then you execute on the changes that are required. SEO can be a long process because once you are done with the changes necessary, Google still has to re-index your site. This process can take several weeks and in some cases a couple months.

    Site structure is also quite important because after all, you want that potential patient to contact your right? So certain elements like forms or call to actions should be placed in very strategic spots.

    Once you have things where they should be, it’s time to promote your site and get it on the first page for keywords and key phrases that your patient might be using. How do you do that, you start getting something called ‘backlinks’.

    Backlinks is a term used in the SEO world when someone links to your site. The more quality sites you have linking to you, the better off you are going to be. It’s really that simple. However, getting other sites to link to you is a challenege in it self. Plus it’s one of the most time consuming parts of SEO.

    If you have the time, feel free to dive into SEO but if you don’t, it’s best to get some help.

    Oculoplastics PPC Services

    If you are looking for immediate traffic, PPC is the key. This three letter word is actually an abbreviation for pay per click. You basically advertise on Google or Facebook ads by running targeted ads.

    Once someone clicks on your ad, you get charged for it. Now it sounds simple but there is a whole other science to it.

    Although the general idea is you have to pay to play, Facebook advertising and Google Adwords are two completely different monsters.

    For starters, with Google you are paying to rank for a certain keyword. If someone searches for Ouloplastics clinic in New York, you’ll show up.

    However, on Facebook, nobody is looking for anything. You are just showing your ads to people who might be interested in your clinic.

    Although both are powerful sources of traffic, you really need an expert to go down the PPC rabbit hole.

    You can definitely become a master at both of these services but the barrier to entry here would be time, testing (With money of course) and then testing some more.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How To Market a Oculoplastics Clinic?

    There are several ways to do this but a proven step by step system that we use is by first automating your Google reviews, then adding PPC to the mix so you can start getting a consistent flow of patients to your clinic. Last but not the least, since PPC costs money, you use SEO to cut down the costs and enjoy a nice flow of ongoing patients.

    Should I list my Oculoplastic practice on GMB?

    Absolutely. It is also the first step in our marketing process as well.

    How long does SEO for Oculoplastic take?

    SEO is definitely a long term process. To see some decent results, you need to be committed for about 6-8 months.

    For marketing my Oculoplastic clinic, should I use Google Adwords or Facebook Ads?

    Test your clinic out on both. Facebook Ads and Google Adwords although PPC, work in a very different way.

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