Psychiatry Clinic Marketing

Running a psychiatry practice can be one of the most stressful things you can do. The last thing you need on top of that is worrying about where your next patient is coming from. This is how you get psychiatry patients.

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    Psychiatry Marketing Ideas and Strategies

    Psychiatry Clinic Advertising

    So how do we do this?

    Do we just start throwing flyers everywhere or start putting ads in classifieds? You can but there is actually a solid proven 3 step formula that we’ve been using for years.

    This simple step by step system has enabled over 1000s businesses including medical clinics to really take their game to the next level and best part . . .  it’s pretty much automated.

    So let’s start with laying the foundation first. You need to add your site on Google business. No ifs and buts about it.

    In fact, here is an example:

    Psychiatry Marketing




    See that clinic on there?

    That could be you.

    In fact, it should be you because it’s step 1 of our process. This is basically a way of not just getting psychiatry patients on a regular basis but also a way of letting Google know that you exist.

    This listing that you see is called Google My Business. The idea is to list your business here so Google’s users can find what they are looking for almost immediately. Especially if it’s something local like a psychiatry clinic.

    Also it’s free. It’s just another attempt by Google to give value to their users so they continue using Google.

    It’s a pretty good example of a win-win situation.

    All you need to get going here is your clinic or practice name, the address and a few good high quality pictures.

    Then next time when someone searches for a psycitary clinic in your city on Google, you’ll be showing up as well.

    Of couse not all the time but enough to help you get going with some on going patients for sure.

    This is what we refer to as phase 1.

    Psychiatry Clinic SEO

    So the next step is to set up your long term and short term strategy.

    Let’s start with the long term because eventually, it will be all that you will be relying on.

    The strategy we are referring to here is SEO.

    SEO is basically the following:

    Psychiatry Clinic

    See the results in blue? That’s where SEO can show your site.

    Right on the first page. Where the majority of online users go. So optimizing your site is a first. To get things going, make sure you add the link of your site to Google My Business page. This will further enhance your authority in Google (Remember we touched on it earlier?). Authority is very important and down the line, it will play a big role.

    As far as SEO goes, it’s a whole other monster but overall, there are three steps to SEO as well.

    1.  Site architecture issues.
    2. On-page Optimization.
    2. Off Page optimization.

    Imagine you want to create a really tall building, well what is the first thing you’ll start working on? The foundation right? After all, you want to make sure the building stands there for years to come. So fixing a website’s site architecture is like laying the most basic foundation that willy enure your website’s success. Especially in the long run.

    After you lay a solid foundation, it’s time to “dress up” your psychiatry website by working on the look, the design and things like that. At this stage, it’s about adding content and working on the functionality. Here you will be concentrationg on what kind of user experience will you be helping people out with.

    Once the foundation and the look has been set up, it’s time to get other sites to put your website’s link on theirs. This is referree to as link building or getting backlinks. This stage is the traffic stage.

    This is where you’ll be getting links from relevant sites and this will push your website up in Google. Think of links as fuel. There is definitely an art to do this so we recommend you work with someone who has proven results or it can get you banned int he search engines as well.

    The last thing you want to do is get banned in Google.

    So all this stuff is great but there is one downside, SEO is a long term strategy.

    For you to see any results, you have to do this for 6-12 months and then the results will roll in.

    However, you can’t wait that long. At least not while you are trying to stabilize your business, well this is where PPC comes in.

    Psychiatry Clinic PPC Services

    This is where we shine the most.

    In fact, we’ve helped over 1000 businesses by perfecting our mastery over Google and Facebook Ads.

    The way we’ll kick things off is start off with both and eventually drill down to which digital channel is working the best.

    At the end of the day, it’s about acquiring psychiatry patients that need your help at the lowest cost to your business.

    Example of some Facebook Ads:

    Examples of Psychiatry Medical Ads

    Example of a Google Ad:

    Psychiatry Marketing on Google Ads

    So we’ll setup and run both of these (From the design, text, a/b testing, etc) and see which one works the best for you.

    PPC basically stands for pay per click. In other words, you will on be charged when someone clicks on your site. This alone doesn’t guarantee that the postential patient who clicked on your add will reach out to you.

    This is where a proven agency like ourselves comes in and takes care of all the tweaking and testing to make sure you get the best results possible.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Psychiatry Clinic Marketing

    How To Market A Psychiatry Clinic?

    You can definitely go the traditional route but we suggest using proven systems. We've found if you place your clinic on Google, implement SEO as a long term strategy and PPC as a short term strategy, you'll be up and running in no time.

    Should I List My Psychiatry Clinic On Google?

    If you don't list your Psychiatry clinic on Google, you'll just be missing out on a lot of ongoing traffic and basically killing your chances of future SEO growth as well. So to answer your question, you should definitely list your clinic or practice on Google My Business.

    How Long Does Psychiatry Clinics Take?

    Long story short, a long time. Be prepared to put aside at least 6-12 months.

    For A Psychiatry Clinic, Which Pay Per Click Service Works Best?

    It all depends on your location. The best thing to do is to test different services out and see what works for yours. We've found Facebook and Google Adwords to work the best.

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