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Should Your Practice Go Phygital?

Every few years we coin words and phrases that are then added to dictionaries, making them official. The word “Phygital” is a recent example. It refers to the merging of the words physical (PHY) and digital (GITAL). It’s the integration of physical and digital to enhance the customer experience. Brick-and-mortar businesses represent the physical aspect while their online stores account for the digital.

Although it’s a freshly-minted word, the concept is certainly not new. Many physical businesses have included an online component to cater to customers in both spheres. A 2021 report revealed that even in the age of digital with a pandemic that is almost in the rearview, many people still prefer to shop in person. In fact, many people will browse online and then visit the physical store.

What Does Phygital Mean for Healthcare Services?

The very nature of your industry is such, that it requires direct physical interaction between you and the patient. And while digital is convenient and cost-effective, it is devoid of personal interaction.

Thankfully, Phygital has changed everything and is ready to offer the best of both worlds. Patients will view your services online and read reviews before visiting your office. Or, if they choose to, they can get a consultation via video calls while sitting in the safety and comfort of their homes.

Going Phygital might result in the following:

More Access to Other Demographics

Prior to this concept, people living in remote areas had limited options as it pertains to specialists. Now they can use mobile apps to reach the best doctors available. The patient will not only speak to the doctor but also see them on screen.

Lower Costs

With a Phygital approach, you and your staff may spend less time in the office. This could lead to a reduction in operating costs such as utilities. This also translates to lower consultation fees for your online patients. Moreover, the patients don’t have to travel to see you which saves them travel time and money.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Going Phygital may also mean faster service. It would be easier to transfer medical reports. Additionally, you would eliminate the need to carry physical copies of the reports or the prescriptions. Hence, you would decrease the waiting time for a patient.

How Can You Embrace Phygital in Healthcare?

You can further enhance the patient experience by considering the following:

  • Recommend wearable smart devices such as Apple Watch. These can reveal personal monitoring data such as weight, the number of steps walked and EEG.
  • SMS messages and email appointments for reminders and other important messages
  • Include features on your website that allow patients to quickly and easily make or change appointments
  • Secure patient online portals providing transparency to health data, history and lab/test results
  • Allow your patients to sign in on a tablet when they arrive for their appointments
  • At-home monitoring devices to track pacemaker data, vitals or issues of concern
  • The option to fill prescriptions online for delivery
  • Voice-enabled lookup and communication channels
  • Online surveys to gauge patient satisfaction
  • On-demand educational information

Consult the Medical Marketing Experts at Invigo Media

Nothing beats in-person doctor visits but there are instances where the Phygital approach may be a substitute. To learn more about ways to improve your patient experience you can consult the medical marketing experts at Invigo Media. We’ve employed various medical practice growth strategies to help several practices over the past 17 years. We can do the same for you. Contact us today and schedule an appointment. You may reach us at [email protected].

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