Vascular Surgery Marketing

A competitive space to be in, vasculary surgery marketing is also getting more complex. With 80% of clinics today using digital media to attract patients, you need to be up there as well.

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    Vascular Surgery Avertising

    Before you do anything, make sure you have a presence on Google. Having a website isn’t enough, we’re taking about having a presence as a business. The only way you can do this is by having your very own Google Business Listing. Have you seen these reviews recently:

    Vascular surgery marketing They usually show up on the right side of Google.

    That is called a Google My Business page.

    It’s a free service created by Google to help businesses especially local service businesses like a dentistry to get immediate traffic.

    Why would Google do that? The better search results they provide, the more people would use them. So it’s basically a win for all parties involved. Not only that, A google listing can also help you with your SEO which we will discuss later.

    Bottom line, if you on line, you need to have a presence on Google.

    No doubt about it.

    Another great thing about Google My Business is it allows users to leave reviews about your organization.

    Google reviews today are basically the ‘digital’ word of mouth. People trust Google reviews like no other. So we encourage you to start paying some serious attention to this very important service an watch your clients start rolling in.

    Of course the downside is other clinics can use the too.

    So to separate yourself from the pack and venture out on your own, it’s time to invest into PPC and SEO.

    Vascular Surgery SEO Marketing

    Website marketing or better known as search engine marketing is more of a long term game.

    As effective as it is, it takes a few months for Google to start paying attention to you. After all, they want to see if you are legit or not.

    The more time passes, the more they trust your. Trust and authority is one of the biggest things in SEO. So you need to establish that right away.

    Having a Google listing really does a great job but after that, you need to start building your website the right way.

    Once you are done developing your site, there are three things that you need to do to implement.

    1. Backend setup.

    2. Frontend design.

    3. Website marketing.

    Backend setup refers to making all the technical changes. These changes are getting more complex as Google ages. In fact, there is a very peculiar term for it and it’s called “Technical SEO”.

    Long story short, make your site easy to crawl for Google’s algorithm and you should be set. Redirects, https vs http, etc these kind of things fall into this category.

    Next is front end design.

    This is mostly how your site looks visually.

    Is it easy to understand? Is it setup for proper conversions?

    Things like that.

    Finally, we come to the last stage which is webiste marketing. The whole idea here is to get as many people or other websites as you can to mention you on their site.

    Basically, they need to have your link on theirs. This type of linking is referred to as backlinks.

    In a nutshell, the more quality backlinks you have, the more higher rankings you will achieve.

    So if you want to rank for vascular sugery clinic in new york for example, you better start building them backlinks.

    Now it takes about 6 months to really get yourself established here.

    SEO is great but you need to have some time set aside before it starts to bare any fruits.

    So what do you do until then?

    Just rely on Google Reviews and luck?


    This is where PPC or pay per click comes in.

    Podiatry PPC Services

    This is one specific method that every medical clinic, and especially a successful vascular surgery clinic is using.

    It takes a few weeks to setup due to testing (Well if you use Facebook ads first) but unlike SEO, with PPC you can start getting patients who need your help almost right away.

    Sometimes on the same day.

    Now there are two types of ppc services.

    Google AdWords and Facebook ads.

    If you are looking for Patients on the same day or next, Google AdWords is your poison.

    Google helps you place you ad right on the top of the page when someone searches for “vascular surgeon” or something close to that. Of course you can define the exact words and things like that but that’s the general idea.

    So as you can see, you can get patients almost immediately.

    Facebook is a little tricky to set up but after testing things out for a few weeks, the roi here can be even better than Google.

    The difference between the two is unlike on Google, people on Facebook aren’t really looking for something. So the audience there is what we call a “cold audience”.

    That’s why it takes a few weeks to warm up the incoming traffic.

    Anyways, wyou have both of these bad boys firing, you got yourself a patient generating machine.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How To Market a Vascular Surgery Marketing?

    There are many ways of marketing your medical practice. However, the ones that we've seen that works for pretty much any clinic is getting Google reviews. Once these reviews, help you create some authority on Google then it's time to move to the next step. PPC is where you can start generating consistent clients. Once you have somewhat of a system, then it's time to decrease your cost by investing into SEO. A simple 3 step system.

    Should I list my vascular surgery practice on GMB?

    If you want conversions from any of your other marketing campaigns, you must be on Google. It's just a given. Once someone checks out your site or any of your ads, they go to Google and do a search on your business. So if they see a nice listing with tons of reviews, it's only going to help them convert more.

    How long does SEO for a vascular surgery practice take?

    Search Engine Optimization is a long term game and will take 7 - 12 months. You might be able to get results faster but overall, it takes time.

    For marketing my vascular surgery clinic, should I use Google Adwords or Facebook Ads?

    Test both of them out. We suggest using Google Adwords and after, you can dive into Facebook Ads. As Facebook takes more time to fire due to a lot of testing, etc.

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