What are Patient Education Materials and How Can They Help Medical Practitioners?

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Patient education materials can be one of the single best ways you can get information into the hands of your patients. They also make a wonderfully creative way to educate your patients and stay engaged with them throughout the course of their care and treatment. “Spending time creating high-quality, professional, and custom educational materials for your practice not only builds your brand but, more importantly, transfers valuable information to your patients about their health” (Docero). Most healthcare practitioners do not have the time or resources to develop these educational materials themselves; this is where an experienced healthcare marketing company can come in and make all the difference. Here at Invigo Media, we have helped many health care providers develop handouts, blogs, and other materials for them to use with their patients. To get a better understanding of how educational materials can help you, your patients, and your practice, just keep on reading!

What Should be Included in This Material?

Educating your patients is important because it keeps a line of communication open, allows your patients to be more involved in their care and treatment, and helps present you as an expert on the topic. Your patient education materials can be focused on any part of the treatment, care, procedures, medications, illness/diseases, or general practices your patients may encounter, but the most common ones used include:

  • Information about particular medical conditions- usually the most common ones seen and treated at your practice
  • How to choose the right treatment options- pros and cons and risks involved with each one featured
  • How to prepare for treatments/surgery- what to expect before, during, and after their treatments
  • How to help end results- do’s and don’ts to ensure a successful treatment or procedure with minimal side effects
  • General health and wellness-tips for avoiding illness and injury in the first place and staying as healthy as possible
  • Reasons to contact health care provider- reminders about why medical care is essential and necessary

Why Does My Practice Need Patient Education Materials?

  • Better communication- Most patients are in a state of shock when they are first told about a diagnosis that needs a complex procedure done. They won’t remember all that you have to say to them in that initial visit. A resource of good educational materials allows them to communicate with you and learn more details on their own time.
  • Less patient anxiety- Patients are often nervous and anxious when it comes to discussing an involved procedure or risky treatment. They will feel more in control, which will help with their nerves when they can do something to be involved with their treatments. Putting part of the process in their hands can be very reassuring and calming at times.
  • More time for you- While time is needed to make the initial materials, in the end, they can be a real time-saver for you. Patients can often find information and answers without calling you for every little concern. This gives you time for other things in your practice!

Contact Us to Get Started

To find out more about how patient education materials can help improve your practice and the medical care you can offer to your patients, give us a call. The Inivgo Media team is ready to help you take patients care to the next level. Set up your consultation appointment and let us show you how we can help your business with our tailored patient education materials services.

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