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Medical Branding

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Healthcare Medical BrandingHave you ever stopped to consider how medical branding impacts your everyday decision making? Proper media exposure can bring in a large volume of new patients very quickly and increase the branding and expertise of your practice. Any doctor will appreciate that.

Generating media exposure is an often overlooked or underutilized tool in medical marketing, particularly because it requires time, follow up, and, most importantly, a thorough understanding of how producers, editors, and writers work. When done well, it can bring tremendous results to your practice.

When done poorly, it is a great way to get the media to ignore you forever” (Fits Small Businesses). Branding your practice is essential to gaining and then maintaining a good image for your practice. You can best describe your brand as the image of your business and the message people associate with your medical practice.

You want your professional medical branding to be strong and memorable, yet many smaller practices struggle with this key aspect of their marketing campaign. Fortunately, help is just a phone call away! The Invigo Media team can help any medical practice develop a branding image and message that is right for them.

Why Do I Need Professional Medical Branding For My Practice?

Medical Branding - 5There are several reasons why your practice can benefit from professional medical branding, but here are three of the most critical. These benefits can apply to any practice, regardless of what niche or focus you are working within:

It gives your practice an identity within the community.

A medical practice brand includes the logo, website, your message/moto, and handout materials- everything the patient and general community see and encounter in regards to your practice. The brand usually is the first thing a patient sees and it also how they come to identify your practice afterward.

It sets you apart from the competition in key ways.

Your competition most likely already has a strong branding and marketing system in place, so you need to compete to be seen and remembered. Crafting the way your business is seen and regarded by members of the community can go a long way in winning over new patients.

It builds your reputation and increases patient loyalty.

A good branding setup is critical to being successful because it builds a foundation of trust and loyalty between you and your patients. A positive professional medical branding campaign helps current patients feel comfortable and shows likely customers the value of your services.

Start Branding Your Practice With the Help of the Pros

Medical Branding - 7The average customer will not buy until after the seventh contact with a business, so it’s critical that you market consistently and frequently to the same audience.

If you are launching a direct mail campaign, commit to doing it at least once a month for 10 months. Research shows that response rates go up exponentially when you speak to prospects consistently over time” (Dental Economics).

Marketing obviously is key to growing your practice and without strong brand recall and presence you will be missing out on critical opportunities to reach new customers.

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