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Discover The #1 Practice Growth System Clinics Are Using To Become
Their Area’s #1 Premium Medical Brand

Discover the #1 Practice Growth System Clinics Are Using To Become Their Areas #1 Premium Medical Brand

“We’re Looking To Partner With & Grow A Few More Clinics…” You have to work with someone that can give you the tools, tech, growth expertise and a proven marketing plan that can elevate your brand and company to another level.

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You’re busy caring for your patients. Let invigo take care of your medical marketing needs, with our full range of premium medical marketing and social media services.

The invigo Difference

We’re committed to growing your clinic. We’ll utilize our medical marketing knowledge and 17+ years of direct experience growing companies from the ground up.



We'll redefine your clinic’s marketing strategy, with a comprehensive new mission, covering a full range of multi-step traditional and modern marketing channels, that bring in new patients and build stronger bonds with past ones.


We'll build cutting edge, industry-leading, medically focused strategic marketing, and sales programs, designed to create amazing patient relationships. Our goal is to create you into the #1 authority in your community.

How We Help Using Our PROVEN ‘C3 Process’

From day one, our goal is and has always been to secure a great return on investment (ROI). Month after month we deliver.
We are not your ordinary agency or consultant. Our proven marketing techniques produce real results.



You get front-end marketing pieces that CAPTURE the attention of your market… Whether it’s a quiz, an article, or an eBook. We market relevant information to a specific niche market, and build a targeted list of ‘interested’ prospects.

Most marketing companies stop right here and send you these ‘front-end’ leads, but we keep going…


You wouldn’t ask someone to marry you on the first date… so stop trying to close low-quality ‘front-end’ leads who don’t know who you are or what your practice is about.

We implement automated follow-up systems designed to “warm-up” & CONNECT with your leads. And we implement systems to filter out any low-quality leads.


Your services aren’t for everyone, however when you capture & connect with your market PROPERLY…

The leads you speak with will already feel like they KNOW you and your practice. They’ll be pre-qualified. And ready to pay. Combined with the unique closing process we train your staff on and help you implement… your practice growth rate can SKYROCKET!


The invigo blog is your home for information, ideas, insight, trends and inspiration that will help you take your clinic to the next level.

May 3 2021
In case you missed it, the Invigo Group (invigoMEDIA, EverGenius®) has been acquired by Wishpond Technologies Ltd. As such, both invigoMEDIA and EverGenius® will be now under the Wishpond business group. A Perfect Fit Wishpond is a global marketing platform, catered towards simplifying marketing while emphasizing growth solutions. This is a perfect fit for the […]
Jul 22 2020
To do social media or not, it is a common question asked by many health-related practices. In fact, if you are a health clinic, this post is geared towards you. It’s a common question, “should you, as a health clinic or practitioner be doing social media?” The truth is…it’s always a good idea to get […]
dentistry marketing at invigoMEDIA
Jul 15 2020
Do you have a dental business, dentistry clinic, or are a dentist who needs some tips to get started with a marketing plan? We have some basic tips to market your dentistry business. While there are a number of things that need to be considered when marketing any health business, including compliance with various guidelines […]

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If invigo does not produce a first-page ranking after a three-month (90 Day) time period, then the search engine optimization (SEO) services will be extended free of charge until a first-page ranking has been achieved. We take the risk, you reap the rewards if we don't deliver. We've yet to work for free! ????


We’ll only work with one client per industry in a specific defined area. We can only make one client number one and we will not compete with ourselves in the process. Because of that our income potential is limited. We have to be very selective with the people we work with. You must have a functional practice already established.


The decision to continue working with us is always yours, with no time constraints or hidden penalties if you should decide to move on. We urge you to cancel if we haven’t over delivered on our promises month after month. Most companies will ask you to sign a long contract. We HATE long term contracts and would never get you to sign one.

We’re Looking For A Few More Dream Clinics To Partner With Who Are Ready To Grow Their Practice And Become The #1 Premium Provider In Their Area.

If you’re SERIOUS about growing your clinic… and are sick and tired of marketing companies who over-promise and under-deliver… then it’s time to PARTNER with a team of experts who understands the medical industry.

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