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The Latest In Healthcare Marketing And Practice Growth Strategies

May 3 2021
In case you missed it, the Invigo Group (invigoMEDIA, EverGenius®) has been acquired by Wishpond Technologies Ltd. As such, both invigoMEDIA and EverGenius® will be now under the Wishpond business group. A Perfect Fit Wishpond is a global marketing platform, catered towards simplifying marketing while emphasizing growth solutions. This is a perfect fit for the […]
Jul 22 2020
To do social media or not, it is a common question asked by many health-related practices. In fact, if you are a health clinic, this post is geared towards you. It’s a common question, “should you, as a health clinic or practitioner be doing social media?” The truth is…it’s always a good idea to get […]
dentistry marketing at invigoMEDIA
Jul 15 2020
Do you have a dental business, dentistry clinic, or are a dentist who needs some tips to get started with a marketing plan? We have some basic tips to market your dentistry business. While there are a number of things that need to be considered when marketing any health business, including compliance with various guidelines […]
Multi-Specialty Marketing
Jul 7 2020
While it is always important to appeal to your demographics, write content that is keyword-driven and market with effective ads, and so forth; there is an element of your business that can’t miss the mark—the human connection. In marketing, we often have to create strategically, while still adding an element of creativity. In doing so, […]
tips on content marketing and seo _ invigoMEDIA
Jun 25 2020
We hear time and time again that “content is king.” However, what exactly does that mean? And what is the most important thing(s) you need to know about content marketing? Particularly with a healthcare business, your marketing strategy depends heavily on the quality of your website. This includes the quality of information or content on […]
online reviews and reputation management_invigoMEDIA
Jun 16 2020
Your online reviews play a big part in your online reputations, therefore reputation management is absolutely necessary. Truth be told, your online reputation can make or break your business, as well as any other marketing efforts you put forward. You want to not only appear in searches and be known in the community for offering […]
minimalist web design
Jun 9 2020
Simply stated, websites that are easy to navigate and feature the most essential elements convert well. Why Minimalism? Minimalism essentially means decreasing all the elements to only focus or include the ones that are most essential. This idea is to bring about greater attention to the purpose. The idea is to limit or reduce the […]
contact your customers _
May 25 2020
Ensuring that you contact your customers is important, just as important, or perhaps even more so, than acquiring new ones. To contact your customers or not…that is the question (not really, you should definitely be doing this!). This is such an important, and sometimes overlooked, necessity for a successful business. Contact Your Customers Regularly Keeping […]
Resources for Digital Marketing
May 14 2020
Google offers resources to help businesses gain insights into customer behavior. Digital marketing goes beyond just writing blogs and paid advertising. The marketing strategy as a whole needs to be repeatedly reviewed, monitored, and evaluated. Google has resources that can help navigate marketing strategy, and we are laying out those helpful resources here. At invigoeMEDIA, […]

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