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The Latest In Healthcare Marketing And Practice Growth Strategies

Jan 19 2022
No matter the area of focus, a good public relations campaign can sometimes be tricky. For healthcare, your PR representative should have knowledge about your product or service, not just PR knowledge. There are, however, some tips and best practices that can help to make your healthcare campaign more effective and successful. Here are 8 […]
Jan 14 2022
Planning and then executing a Healthcare event can seem a daunting job. But with these 7 quick tips, you’ll be 7 steps ahead of the rest in ensuring your event attendee rates are up and better than ever. There’s no time to spare. You have a healthcare event to plan. Read on. 1. Get Attendee […]
Dec 21 2021
Marketing Your Telehealth Services: What You Need To Know Telehealth (also called telemedicine), as you know, is providing/receiving care via an online platform on your computer, tablet, or smartphone (, n.d.). The term has become all the more common due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and though we’re optimistic we won’t be social distancing forever, we […]
Dec 16 2021
Our previous blog covered digital marketing and the medical industry (if you haven’t read it we’ll leave it here). Here we’ll go through what actions you can apply to achieve better patient satisfaction and add more value to your brand in the non-digital world.
Dec 16 2021
Your patients’ health is critical for your short-term survival. Their satisfaction is vital for your long-term growth. In this blog, we will cover some elements related to hospital marketing in the digital era and why you should implement them. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) SEO refers to how relevant your content is to what you provide […]
May 3 2021
In case you missed it, the Invigo Group (invigoMEDIA, EverGenius®) has been acquired by Wishpond Technologies Ltd. As such, both invigoMEDIA and EverGenius® will be now under the Wishpond business group. A Perfect Fit Wishpond is a global marketing platform, catered towards simplifying marketing while emphasizing growth solutions. This is a perfect fit for the […]
Jul 22 2020
To do social media or not, it is a common question asked by many health-related practices. In fact, if you are a health clinic, this post is geared towards you. It’s a common question, “should you, as a health clinic or practitioner be doing social media?” The truth is…it’s always a good idea to get […]
dentistry marketing at invigoMEDIA
Jul 15 2020
Do you have a dental business, dentistry clinic, or are a dentist who needs some tips to get started with a marketing plan? We have some basic tips to market your dentistry business. While there are a number of things that need to be considered when marketing any health business, including compliance with various guidelines […]
Multi-Specialty Marketing
Jul 7 2020
While it is always important to appeal to your demographics, write content that is keyword-driven and market with effective ads, and so forth; there is an element of your business that can’t miss the mark—the human connection. In marketing, we often have to create strategically, while still adding an element of creativity. In doing so, […]
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