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Analytic Call Tracking

Track and analyze the effectiveness of various marketing channels using unique tracking phone numbers for each channel.

Track Your Calls and Profits

Invigo’s Analytic Call Tracking (ACT) is a system that allows Invigo to track which marketing channels generate calls.

It is mainly used for tracking calls produced from offline or online advertisements.

Call tracking is important especially if companies rely on conversions or leads gained through phone calls.

It works by displaying unique tracking phone numbers on ads that consumers call, which redirects them to the company’s phone.

What is Call Tracking?

Just like you can track emails, where they come from and other data points, analytic call tracking gives you the same type of information but for phone calls. If you business is based on phone traffic, this kind of service can prove invaluable. No wonder 99% of medical clinics that work with us opt-in for this service immediately.
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How does it work?

Customer calls your add, using a unique tracking number you placed, calls our then routed through our data center, then to your office, home or cell. You then receive reports and recorded calls to better spend your advertising dollars.

Not a bad way to get some real actionable data right?

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