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Should Your Practice Go Phygital?

Should Your Practice Go Phygital?

Every few years we coin words and phrases that are then added to dictionaries, making them official. The word “Phygital” is a recent example. It refers to the merging of the words physical (PHY) and digital (GITAL). It’s the integration of physical and digital to enhance the customer experience. Brick-and-mortar businesses represent the physical aspect […]

Why You Should Contact Your Customers Contact Your Customers: Customer Service Evaluation_invigoMEDIA

Why You Should Contact Your Customers

Customer Retention: Importance of Contacting Your Existing Customers To contact your customers or not…that is the question (not really, you should definitely be doing this!). This is such an important, and sometimes overlooked, necessity for a successful business. Contact Your Customers Regularly Keeping in contact with your customers is vital, particularly for businesses that rely […]

Don’t Forget About Offline Marketing Offline marketing tips -

Don’t Forget About Offline Marketing

Combining Online and Offline Marketing Efforts for Success While we do primarily want to focus on online marketing and ensuring that online presence is as good as possible. It would be foolish to assume that offline marketing is absolutely unnecessary. That is quite the contrary, in fact. What are Offline Marketing Strategies? There are a […]

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