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Who we are and why we are passionate about helping our clients grow their clinics

Our Promise

At invigo we are committed to growing your clinic and making you #1 in your geographic area. We utilize our medical marketing knowledge and more than 17 years of experience growing medical practices to help you succeed.


Your Partner for Success

We work with you to define your clinic’s marketing strategy. By covering a full range of multi-step traditional and modern marketing channels, we are able to bring in new patients and build strong bonds with previous patients


Creating success for your medical practice through marketing

We build industry-leading, medically focused strategic marketing, and sales programs, designed to create amazing patient relationships. Our goal is to make you the #1 clinic in your community.

About invigo

How and why invigo is revolutionizing the medical marketing industry.

invigo is built upon the mission of helping medical practitioners grow their clinics. We do this through a comprehensive range of marketing services. At invigo we help practices in the medical industry learn to thrive and grow in the digital age.

We Grow Clinics. You Help Patients. We are your Medical Marketing Partner

Our Brands

invigo's strategic brands help drive and inform invigo’s success.

The Ultimate Patient Relationship Manager. EverGenius® gives you everything you need to build, grow, and scale your practice. invigo's EXCLUSIVE software tracking and automation tool.

Separating the good from the Great. An online reputation site for practices around the country, helping patients and clinics connect with each other.

At invigo we help you become the #1 clinic in your area. That’s our guarantee!

Some of the Premium Medical Brands We've Helped RISE to the Top Of!

Here are a few of the medical brands we've helped build, grow and scale.. And YES! we've designed most of the logo's Too!

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