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Health & Fitness Marketing

Health and Fitness is a fiercely competitive industry. Add these cutting edge digital marketing strategies to your action plan so you can stay a step ahead of your competition.

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    Benefits to Health & Fitness Marketing

    Health & Fitness Marketing Ideas and Strategies

    Health & Fitness Advertising

    The health and fitness marketplace is incredibly competitive. In every region of the country small health and fitness businesses are clamoring for attention.

    It’s not easy to compete, and when you’re talking about months between running an ad and figuring out whether it was productive for you or not, that could equal thousands upon thousands of dollars.

    More Americans are finding health and fitness clubs, retail businesses, and services online. People realize that getting fit, eating right, and staying healthy are essential to a long, vibrant life.

    Did you know that Google offers businesses a free service? It’s called Google My Business and it can be a powerful asset. Just look at a sample here:

    But, you need to make sure that it is set up properly. When it is, and you encourage customers to leave glowing reviews of your health and/or fitness facility or retail store, you can rank higher and get more exposure.

    When you have your Google My Business page set up properly, then it’s time to tackle the next step: SEO.

    Health & Fitness SEO Marketing

    Health & Fitness SEO Marketing

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been around for a long time. Yet, now it is becoming incredibly sophisticated.

    If you aren’t invested properly in SEO, you could very well be missing out on thousands upon thousands of dollars in revenue every month.

    The first step is to make sure your website is not only up and running, but updated, modernized, responsive, and every component for search engine optimization is working in your favor.

    Your content needs to speak directly to your primary target market and it should have adequate backlinks. What are backlinks?

    Any time another website points to content on your site, that is an incredibly valuable benefit for search engine ranking.

    It can take months to build an effective SEO strategy, so don’t delay.

    Health & Fitness PPC Services

    Health & Fitness PPCOn top of all that, if you want your health and fitness center to really shine, invest in PPC services.

    This refers to Pay Per Click marketing. Digital marketing is the future of modern business success. In the past, you could simply target a generic keyword and throw some money at it, but today it’s much more sophisticated.

    Your competitors are likely using PPC marketing, too, which is why it is essential that you have an experienced team working with you to target the right keywords that maximizes searches and gets you the best ROI (return on your investment).

    We have helped hundreds of health and fitness companies around the world get the best results available. We can help you, too.

    Take advantage of the tools readily available to you right now.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Are The Best Ways For Health & Fitness Clinics To Connect With Their Audience?

    Health and fitness clients are always sharing and receiving content across multiple forms of media, so your marketing campaign should be diverse enough to capitalize on that. The most common methods are the following:
    -Email Marketing
    -Social Media Marketing
    -Mobile/SMS Marketing
    -Live Chat
    -Video Marketing
    -Sales Scripting & Staff Training
    We implement automated follow-up systems designed to “warm-up” & connect with your leads. Contact us to learn more.

    How Can I Market My Health & Fitness Clinic More Effectively?

    Google MyBusiness, your own personal website, online reviews, blog/social, and paid ads. These items can be extremely useful for health and fitness clinics. By incorporating these 5 into your strategy, you are already headed in the right direction. Check out our blog for more information.

    Why Is Brand Authority Important For My Health & Fitness Clinic?

    We’ve found whichever health & fitness clinic has the most authority in their market ends up being the most successful. Health and fitness is a fiercely competitive market, so having solid brand authority can mean the difference between leads finding you... or finding your competitor instead. When you’re the #1 premium brand in your area… people find you first and trust your brand. Read more on our blog on the importance of brand authority.

    Should Health & Fitness Clinics Use Social Media?

    To commit to social media or not, is a common question asked by many health and fitness practices. The truth is…it’s always a good idea to get on social media. Health and fitness is a very trendy subject and tends to do very well in the social space, being shared and referenced by others. If you aren't using social media, your business has so much to gain by adding it to your marketing plan. Check out our blog for the full story and some content ideas!

    We’re Helping You Get To The TOP Of The Health & Fitness Industry… WITHOUT Sacrificing Everything You Love To Get There…

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