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Medical Facebook Ads

ROI-Focused Facebook Ad Campaigns That Generate You New Patients

ROI-Focused Facebook Campaigns

With our Facebook campaigns – for every dollar you invest in your marketing – you’ll gain a specific amount of new patients.

Once your campaign is running and established you will get a consistent, dependable and predictable amount of new patients coming into your practice. That’s why our Facebook campaigns are so popular and clinics love working with us to implement them.

High-Quality Patient Leads

While most marketing agencies promise you “cheap leads” – we know the REAL money is in the amount of patients you generate.

Which is why we focus on quality of leads… NOT quantity…

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Procedure-Specific Ads

Whether you’re trying to build a list of ‘interested’ prospects, or generate leads…

We’re able to target procedure-specific patients, and only spend money when someone clicks on your ad to learn more about getting your services.

We have multiple proven campaigns we implement for you, depending on what industry you’re in and what procedures you perform…

Gain Recognition

Authority compounds. When you’re the #1 in your market, you’ll start getting more recognition… more publicity opportunities and more status in your market.

Demographic & Location Specific Targeting

Facebook ads allow you to target specific types of people by traits like income, age, gender and more… Plus, you can target certain geographical areas surrounding your practice.

So you know you’re targeting the ‘right-fit’ prospects and saving money on ads.

Call Tracking

Track and analyze the effectiveness of various marketing channels using unique tracking phone numbers for each channel.

Marketing Automation

Take it from our CEO straight. He wrote the #1 bestseller The Automated Entrepreeneur for a reason. Streamline your marketing operation with automated follow-up emails, SMS Texts, Voice and more to move potential patients down the sales funnel with ease.

Medical Copywriting

Concise, informative, insightful content for your medical marketing, branding, or website assets.

Medical Consulting Services

Coaching and training services to empower your clinic to understand and master marketing processes.

Pay Per Click Management PPC

Secure membership website development, for top of the line patient confidentiality and trust.

Medical Website Design

Clean, intuitive website design, augmented by the latest in web development features, for your clinic.

Video Marketing

Bring your brand to life with high quality video content, perfect for marketing campaigns or your clinic website.


Innovative client retention and relationship management software, to build, grow, and scale businesses by bringing in ideal clients who are willing to pay cash for services.

We’re Helping You Get To The TOP Of Your Industry… WITHOUT Sacrificing Everything You Love To Get There…