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Covington Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Institute

Orthopedic care clinic & sports medicine in Covington & Metairie, LA


Orthopedic Care, Pain Management, Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cell Treatments, Alternative Medicine


Issues with staffing, no follow up with clients after consultations, no referral process, chaotic close situation

Client Challenges

Dr. Kevin Darr, owner of Covington Orthopedic, knew he needed a marketing team with real business experience he could communicate with effectively. But finding the right marketing strategy presented itself to be a real challenge.

“We can’t close Bob… And we’re losing money on not following up with patients that have visited but not committed”. – Dr. Kevin Darr

He was having trouble finding and retaining the right kind of patients who were looking for regenerative medical procedures. With no follow-up and no referral procedure in place, Dr. Darr’s potential patients were slipping through the cracks and weren’t receiving meaningful engagement when they were ready to visit his clinic.


1. Expert Authority Online Presence Overhaul

Dr. Darr came to invigoMedia with no online presence. Rather than getting JUST a “website”… he needed a mobile-responsive, high-quality website that conveyed authority, expertise and celebrity status. So he’s viewed as a true expert to his prospects and community.

We rehauled the brand image and positioned Dr. Darr as an expert authority by getting him featured on an exclusive magazine cover…

And created a mobile-responsive authority-site and implemented direct-response elements that turn website visitors into new patients.

2. High-end, beautifully designed marketing materials that represent the brand and his high ethical standards.

In addition to designing Dr. Darr’s brand, invigoMEDIA also created marketing materials to help the clinic establish themselves as leaders in their industry. A complete end to end marketing approach that includes:

  • Social media management, and rebrand.
  • Digital and print flyers for seminars and promotions
  • Condition specific e-books designed to educate and pull a prospect to an informed buying decision.
  • Search marketing ads on google and facebook.
  • Retargeting banners ads design and management
  • Email marketing (top of mind awareness)
  • Content writing for blogs, and other areas of the website.

3. A brand-new, state-of-the-art mobile responsive website

InvigoMEDIA built a brand-new, responsive website for Dr. Darr, making it easier for their patients to see what his clinic offered and how it could help them. The site was previously geared around treatment technology. We created Dr. Darr as the expert to create trust and authority with his visitors.

4. A strong, lead-generating Google AdWords, Facebook and remarketing ad campaigns with complete automated follow up sequences.

InvigoMEDIA started running ads in the digital space for Dr. Darr, including Google search ads, and Facebook ads, and retargeting banner ads. With this strategy, Dr. Darr has been able to advertise directly to website visitors and potential patients while they consider their options. Knowing full well MOST prospects don’t do anything the first time they visit a website, invigo’s team designed a strategic retargeting campaign to create authority over time.

The Result

With the help of invigoMEDIA, Dr. Darr’s practice has stronger branding, generates more leads that book procedures, close a higher percentage of those that come into the office, and maximizes the teams efforts in following up with potential patients.

By helping streamline their closing process, invigoMEDIA helped Dr. Darr close $20,000+ on Bob’s first visit within a few hours, and go on to close more than $460,000 worth of business over the course of our relationship.

Integrated with EverGenius® software, Dr. Darr’s website and allows him to track revenue and follow up on any missed opportunities. Additionally, invigoMEDIA’s regular content updates on social media and on Dr. Darr’s website keeps the clinic at the top of their prospects and patients minds.

The Final Stats

21% Average






Hear From Dr. Kevin Darr

“An integral part of our team that has helped us get to where we are today.”

Dr. Kevin Darr,
Owner & CEO Of

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