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EternaMD Medical
Rejuvenation Center

EternaMD Medical Rejuvenation Center is a cosmetic/orthopedic clinic located in Lake Mary, Florida. EternalMD specialize in helping men and women not only look, but feel younger. They came to invigoMedia because they were tired of working with marketing companies who don’t deliver on their promise. They had no online presence and needed a long-term marketing strategy that worked.

InvigoMedia Partnership for Effective Rebrandings with EternaMD


Cosmetic Surgery, (Liposculpture, lipodissolve, beauty fillers, skin tightening, platelet rich plasma, acoustic pressure wave therapy, cellulite treatment)


Needed to adapt to the new age of digital marketing and didn’t have an online presence

Client Challenges

Dr. Carlos Mercado, founder of EternalMD was struggling to get new patients.

He tried working with a few other marketing companies, but the results were dismal at best.

Even though Dr. Carlos Mercado is a world-renowned cosmetic surgeon (recognized as one of the top physicians in America in 2018) and inventor of the Colombian Butt Lift, Colombian Liposculpture, and Erectus Shots

With no online presence, 10-20% open rate on emails and the lack of ability to get reviews from patients… he was struggling to grow his practice.

Dr. Mercado surely didn’t want to chase leads around… begging them to come into his clinic.. He knew he needed a long-term marketing strategy that worked. So, he reached out to invigoMedia.


1. Expert Authority Online Presence Overhaul

EternalMD came to invigoMedia with no online presence. Rather than getting JUST a “website”… they needed a mobile-responsive, high-quality website that conveyed authority, expertise and celebrity status. So they’re viewed as true experts to their prospects and community.

We rehauled their brand image and positioned Dr. Carlos Mercado as an expert authority by getting him featured on an exclusive magazine cover…

And created a mobile-responsive authority-site and implemented direct-response elements that turn website visitors into new patients.

2. Managed Social Media To Build Relationships/Connect With Their Market

Dr. Mercado only had so much time in his day… he had to treat patients, manage his staff and run his practice. He simply didn’t have the time to manage his social media.. So, we developed a simple social media strategy to build relationships, connect with his market and post relevant messages and offers to keep his brand top of mind..

3. Multi-Step Marketing System To Create A Consistent, Predictable & Reliable Source Of New Patients

Using our multi-step marketing system, we then set out to create a consistent and predictable stream of new patients.

  • We created lead-generating landing pages in english and spanish.
  • Setup, managed and optimized a Google Adwords campaign.
  • Developed a celebrity-branding campaign through the use retargeting including being featured on sites like CNN, NY Times, The Washington Post, TMZ and many more.
  • Implemented an SMS (text messaging) multi-step system using our in-house A.R.T. (Automated Response Technology)
  • And tracked everything with our Sales Pipeline and ROI Management strategies.

The Result

In 21 days we generated $25,650 worth of NEW patients for Dr. Carlos Mercado

We were able to create authority status for EternalMD in their local area. So patients come in organically and already know, like, and trust EternalMD and their staff before ever walking in their doors.

And now EternalMD has a marketing system generating a consistent and predictable amount of new high-quality patients, every week.

invigo Employs a full team of spanish marketing executives to help you capitalize on the major growth potential of this market.

The Final Stats







Hear From Dr. Carlos Mercado

“These guys Deliver. At every level.”

Dr. Carlos Mercado,
Owner & CEO EternaMD, Erectus Shot Creator

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