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Orthopedic Marketing

You know what people expect from Orthopedic surgeons like yourself? To restore their mobility. It is a gift that you have that must be shared.

Orthopedic Marketing Ideas and Strategies

Orthopedic Advertising

It all starts with getting people’s reviews for your Orthopaedic practice. Thanks to the internet and various other social tools that are out there, if you’re a good Orthopedic surgeon, people will show you you praise publicly.Orthopedic Marketing

However, if you’re not up to par, well then get ready to hear it from the rest of the crowd.

Hopefully for you, it’s not the latter.

Now although there are hundreds of places where people can leave reviews about your service, you want to make sure you’re only going after the ones that matter the most.

Have you heard of Pareto’s 80-20 rule?

What it means is 80% of your results come from 20% of your effort.

So you don’t want to focus on every business review site that is out there but only the ones that matter. There are a few good ones out there but the one that we recommend for you (Which will also yield immediate traffic) is Google reviews.

This is absolutely the best way to start marketing for your orthopedic surgery clinic.

So how do you get started?

Step one list your business on complete with your address, phone number your location, timings and images.

Make sure you add at least three to five images. The more images you put on the better because people like to see things these days. It’s actually all about video but on Google reviews, images play a massive role in attracting clients.

Who knows as in the near future, you might be able to add a video or two as well. However, until then add some nice quality images. Remember you’re running a medical facility so your images should reflect that.

If you show people that you’re running a quality Orthopedic practice, you’re going to attract quality clients fairly soon.

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Orthapedic SEO Marketing

After putting up your site on Google reviews, you should start seeing some traffic coming to your clinic.Orthopedic Website Marketing

However, you want to make sure that you are doing whatever is necessary to serve as many people as you can.

One of the best and most powerful ways of doing this is by starting your own very own orthopedic website.

When you have your own website it means you control the situation. You don’t have to rely on any third parties like Google or anyone else.

All you have to do is make sure that you are positioned properly and have some call to action systems in place.

This will help you acquire Orthopedic surgery patients on a regular basis.

So how does this entire thing work?

Going into the details will literally take us days so we’re just going to focus on the basics here.

This way, you’ll have a great idea on what you should be doing and how you should be implementing as well.

When it comes to starting up a successful website to market your orthopedic surgery clinic, the only thing you need to worry about is these three steps.

  • Making your website crawlable.
  • Making your website user-friendly.
  • Getting the word out there.

So when it comes to Google or any other “spider” out there (In the search engine world, they refer to algorithms as “spiders”), the easier it is for them to crawl your website, the higher your site is going to rank.

Of course, the search engines are a lot more complicated than this but if you can grasp this simple concept, you are way ahead of the game.

In fact, this simple understanding will put you ahead of 99.9% of the Orthopedic surgeons who are trying to market their website right now.

Just don’t use too much crazy code, keep things simple and Google will start crawling your site on a regular basis.

A Patient Friendly Website

So now that you got the search engines out of the way, you want to make sure that actual patients or potential patients that come to your site, get the information they need so they can make an informed decision.

The more clear and concise your site is going to be, the more action potential patients are going to take online. So keep things simple, add tons of information, and again, just like on your Google reviews, you want to make sure you have lots of images and videos on your website as well.

Once you get this part all taken care of, and the design is out of the way, it’s time to focus on the content.

Content on your website is very important. These days Google loves long copy so make sure you give Google what it wants.

As in the end, they will reward you with nice strong rankings. No doubt about that.

So to get a better understanding of this, try to see things from Google’s point of view. Their job is to help their users find the best search results.

So what are the best search results?

An article that has like three hundred words with little to no information or a super authority article with tons of content tons of images tons of relevant information and actionable advice?

The latter of course.

So when you’re working on your orthopedic surgery website, try to keep this in mind. This will not only help you get your message across to your potential patients but it will be absolutely adored by Google.

After all, Google’s job is to give its users the most quality results possible.

So make sure the content you’re putting out a solid from the top to the bottom and is actually helping people rather than just re-hashing the same old recycled information.

Website marketing is a great strategy but it shouldn’t be your first choice. Since it takes months to establish any real traffic, consider web marketing a long term strategy at best.

So what can you right now?

After all, you need a way to get customers immediately right?

Well lucky for you, we got just the thing,

In fact, this is what 10s of 1000s of medical clinic owners have been quietly using.

Thanks to this service, they never worry about where their next patient is going to come from.

Can you guess what it is?

Orthopedic PPC Services

People have been paying for ads since marketing was invented. However, services today can be very targeted and bringing some awesome results.Orthopedic Marketing - 43

Now there are a lot of places where you can pay for ads but we only suggest Google AdWords and Facebook ads.

In fact, we’ve been helping medical clinics use these two specific services for several years now.

Can you go on Facebook or Google AdWords and create your own ad?

Of course you can.

However, it’s not just about putting up an ad, that is easy. These massive networks are super sophisticated and if you work with someone who knows what they’re doing, they’re just going to get you the results way faster. Plus with the lowest cost per click possible (Very important).

So if time is not an issue, feel free to dive in but if you’re looking for immediate stream of patients and don’t want to spend your own time, we highly recommend finding an expert on these two services.

Frequently Asked Questions

It all starts with 3 steps. One of them is free. Two of them will give you immediate results and one of them is a long-term approach. These services are the Google business page, PPC and SEO.


First place is definitely Google. We are talking about their free service here and not you starting a website. At least not at this stage. Once you’re on Google, then it’s time to start thinking about a website for your orthopedic practice. When it comes to your site, there are some quality places where you can list it and we’ll love to share those with you.

First place is definitely Google. We are talking about their free service here and not you starting a website. At least not at this stage. Once you’re on Google, then it’s time to start thinking about a website and when it comes to your site, there are some quality places where you can list it.


There is only one way to answer this question . . . by testing. orthopedic patients have very unique needs so the best way to roll out your ads would be to test a different variation on both of these platforms. It really depends on what city or area you’re in. In some places, FB ads win and in others it’s Google Adwords.

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