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How to Scale Your Medical Practice Doctor talking to couple in medical practice

How to Scale Your Medical Practice

As a physician who owns a medical practice, you not only work as a doctor but also as the CEO, business manager and marketing specialist. Perhaps you also have a small team with each employee wearing many hats. The workload may be manageable in the beginning but as you attract more patients you will need […]

Don’t Forget the Human Connection Multi-Specialty Marketing

Don’t Forget the Human Connection

Balancing Digital Strategy and Human Connection in Marketing In marketing, we often have to create strategically, while still adding an element of creativity. In doing so, the target audience is, and should be, in mind. While doing all that, we can’t forget the human connection and taking a human angle to everything we do. The […]

Why You Should Contact Your Customers Contact Your Customers: Customer Service Evaluation_invigoMEDIA

Why You Should Contact Your Customers

Customer Retention: Importance of Contacting Your Existing Customers To contact your customers or not…that is the question (not really, you should definitely be doing this!). This is such an important, and sometimes overlooked, necessity for a successful business. Contact Your Customers Regularly Keeping in contact with your customers is vital, particularly for businesses that rely […]

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