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Why Does Your Practice Need Healthcare Social Media Marketing?

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As the operator of a medical practice, you may agree that social media is no longer optional for all businesses. You’re probably thinking, my competitors all have social media accounts, therefore it makes sense for my practice to sign up too. But have you ever wondered why your practice needs healthcare social media marketing?

For one, your prospective and current patients are probably already on social media. A 2020 report revealed that over 3.6 billion people globally are on social media. You can bet your bottom dollar that your patients are among that number.

When done correctly, social media can be strategically used to market your practice effectively. In this article, we’ll explain why healthcare social media marketing is a necessity for your practice.

Engagement is a Healthcare Social Media Marketing Tactic

First and foremost, you should be using social media to educate and engage with potential and current patients. Start by using various platforms to answer questions posed by patients. You can find these questions in your comment sections, Direct Messages, when you do a keyword search for health-related topics and in your FAQs.

Engaging with your followers is a step in the right direction. Take advantage of some of the social media tools or hashtags so that you can bring your information to a much wider audience. By being responsive, your followers will be more likely to engage with your content and share it with others.

Social Media Can Strengthen Your Reputation

Healthcare social media marketing also helps to build the reputation of your practice, physicians and staff. You will gain credibility over time if you consistently produce valuable and engaging content. Use your social content to build trust with patients by:

  • Establishing your practice as a subject matter expert and thought leader
  • Empathizing with patients
  • Providing prompt responses

Social media helps you to extend your role. Not only are you a physician who treats patients in your office but you also help to advance overall knowledge and understanding of health and health literacy.

Use Healthcare Social Media Marketing to Attract Patients

Don’t discount the role that social media can play in helping you to land more patients. People have many options, however, your engaging posts, excellent customer service and beautifully themed social media grids may tip the scale in your favour!

Moreover, an active social media page establishes your online presence. It suggests that your practice is involved with the community, is a trusted source of health-related information, and is competent to offer treatment and care in a warm environment.

Use Social Media to Publicize Research

Social media presents an opportunity for physicians to share research with people who wouldn’t automatically read medical publications. Furthermore, your findings could go viral, which is a bonus for sharing useful information.

In addition, you could be helping other physicians and medical students. Journalists and other media professionals could also benefit. Your high-quality research could inspire their story ideas which will in turn educate more people about health.

Do You Need Help With Healthcare Social Media Marketing?

With social media, you have the golden opportunity to broaden your reach as a medical professional. If you need assistance with creating and executing a healthcare social media marketing plan for your practice then look no further than Invigo Media. We will help you to share your wealth of knowledge on social media with prospective and existing clients. Contact us today and schedule an appointment. You may reach us at [email protected].

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