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How to Use TikTok Marketing to Grow Your Med Spa

How to Use TikTok Marketing

Maximizing Your Med Spa’s Reach: TikTok Marketing Strategies

What comes to mind when you think of TikTok Marketing? Video clips of 18-year-olds doing the latest social media challenges? A clip featuring the typical girl next door explaining a cleaning hack? TikTok is fun, but did you know you can use it to market your med spa? That’s right! TikTok marketing allows med spas to tap into trends and create fun and educational content aimed at their specific audiences.

What started as a series of viral dance videos has morphed into a multi-faceted platform where businesses such as med spas can thrive. According to a 2021 report, TikTok is the fastest-growing social media platform with 78.7 million active users in the United States.

TikTok allows you to showcase your personality which helps your followers to connect with you on a more authentic level. You too can get in on the action by taking the following steps:

Familiarize Yourself With TikTok

Like other social media platforms, there is a learning curve to TikTok. Therefore you should study the platform before venturing into TikTok marketing. Play around with the different features, and note what songs, filters and effects are trending. Additionally, check out some of the major hashtags that businesses use, especially those in your industry.

Use TikTok Marketing to Showcase Your Services

TikTok presents the perfect opportunity to highlight your services in bite-size formats. Take advantage of the app by showing these types of content:

  • Before and after videos of clients who received treatments you offer
  • Videos showcasing how a procedure is done
  • Skincare routine videos featuring products that you use in the med spa
  • Collaboration with beauty influencers who will feature your med spa in their TikToks
  • Videos that make your med spa setting the focus. Prospective and current clients like the idea of getting beauty treatments in med spas that exude serenity and luxury
  • Clips that put a creative spin on trending videos that can be used to promote your services

Strengthen Your Relatability with TikTok Marketing

People don’t want to see “hard sells” on TikTok. Therefore you have a chance to highlight the human side of your med spa. You can achieve this by jumping on trends for fun. Tiktok is full of dance trends and lip-syncs that you and your team can do together. Furthermore, you can draw inspiration from other businesses to see how they’ve added their twists to trending videos.

Explore Advertising on TikTok

Just like Instagram and Facebook, TikTok also allows you to advertise. You can consider any of the following:

  • In-feed Ads – These are ads that you create. They can be in the form of image ads or video ads.
  • Spark Ads – These are boosted image and video ads that pop up in more feeds.
  • Ads managed by TikTok – You can work with a TikTok sales representative to get your ads in more feeds.
  • Topview Ads – They play when you first open TikTok and can’t be skipped.

Trust Invigo Media with Your Med Spa Marketing

With the right TikTok marketing strategy, you can grow your med spa and establish yourself as a leader in the industry.

The digital marketing experts at Invigo Media can help you to relate to your audience through TikTok and other social media platforms. We’ve assisted businesses with med spa marketing strategies that include social media. Would you like to learn more?  Contact us today and schedule an appointment. You may reach us at [email protected].

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