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Understanding Unique Value Proposition

A Unique Value Proposition, also commonly known as a UVP, is a fundamental aspect of successful business marketing in today’s competitive market.  It lets visitors and potential patients know what you do or have to offer, how you can help them with their problem, and it implies why you are better than your competition.

Without a strong and clear UVP, visitors will not see the benefits of choosing to work with you as opposed to another company.  A crisp Unique Value Proposition is at the heart of your marketing message. While this has been demonstrated and proven to be true time and time again, many businesses, both big and small, tend to have very weak UVPs for their website and social marketing plans. They have content but have not attached a compelling value to it.

Most business people know all too well that they need a competitive idea, but they are not sure how to communicate that value to their customer in a way that compels them to take action.  Structuring a strong Unique Value Proposition is one of the things we have helped many medical practices develop here at Invigo Media, and we can do the same for you!

How to Structure Your Unique Value Proposition

Understanding Unique Value Proposition - 5

Your UVP needs to accomplish some key points in order to be truly effective. It should be as long as is needed to accomplish these three important things:

  1.     Communicate a specific service, product, or something else that is of value to the visitor.
  2.     Clarify how the visitors can benefit from your offerings if they decide to do business with you.
  3.     State or imply with a strong example why they should choose you over someone else.

Your Unique Value Proposition needs to provide answers to the key questions customers ask:

unique value proposition

  • What is it that you do?  
  • How can you help me with my needs?
  • What’s in this special offer for me?  
  • Why is this deal or service worth my time and money?
  • Why should I choose you instead of another?
  • What do I get that I could not get on my own?

How can you develop or improve your value proposition?

Now that you are getting an idea of what the Unique Value Proposition is and how you need to present it to your customers and visitors, the trick becomes knowing how to develop a UVP that will help your business grow. Here are some tips.

#1. Get Specific About What You Deliver

Understanding Unique Value Proposition - 7

Most small medical practices have websites but they are not done by a skilled marketing professional. When we here at Invigo Media work with these health care professionals and begin to analyze their websites, we find one reoccurring thing- they are too vague about what they offer. The homepage often has a generic medical-related image, some headers, a basic about us section, and a listing of services offered. This is not enough to grab visitors’ attention and keep them interested in the services you offer.

You have to have a relatable Unique Value Proposition. Most practices fail to really communicate any type of value at all and just list off what it is they offer with little to no details or information for the visitor to consider.

In the medical field, it is always best to be specific and give details so the visitor knows you are skilled and experienced and that you are offering something they can benefit from. They are likely looking for help with a specific need so you need to show how you can help them!

#2. Clearly Indicate How You Solve Your Customer’s Problem

solve your customer’s problem

Far too many business websites take this simple, but so very important, piece of the puzzle for granted. They make the faulty assumption that their visitors will understand the benefit of working with them. They assume everyone has the same basic understanding of medical care and treatment procedures. For medical practices, it is assumed customers don’t want or need a lot of extra information, so they simply list everything out.

Most patients, however, have only a very basic understanding of medical care and procedures, if they have any real understanding of them at all. So, when they see a listing that includes terms like liposuction, nephrectomy, or other terms that may not even fully understand, they may become overwhelmed or confused.

If there is no other information given, they will not understand how these treatments may help them with the problem they are seeking help with. Details and explanations are always needed in order to convey value and worth in your Unique Value Proposition!

#3. Distinguish Yourself From the Competition

distinguish yourself from the competition

The point of marketing your medical practice and developing a strong Unique Value Proposition is to set yourself apart from your competition. However, you need to make sure you fully and completely accomplish this.

Sometimes you can simply state outright how you beat a competitor- you offer better prices, have more experience in the field, or you are the name everyone recognizes in the community. However, in most cases, the differences that set you apart are going to be implied and will be hinted at in the details of the specific benefit you offer.

Stating how and why no one can beat your services, how your customers always leave satisfied, how you get the best results in the area, and so forth are some examples of how you can imply or allude to the fact that you are the better choice. Be simple and be honest above all with the claims you make in your UVP. If you make claims about the grandeur of your business and staff, be sure to back them up with details, examples, statistics, and testimonials!

In Conclusion

To have a strong Unique Value Proposition is to leave a strong image and memory of your medical practice in the minds of those who visit your site. If you have been struggling to make that connection and need help developing a UVP that drives your practice to greater success and growth, call us today. Invigo Media has helped many medical care practices and we can do the same for you. So, take the step today and see how a Unique Value Proposition can impact your business for the better!

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