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Bob Mangat Reviews The ROI Based Approach

Bob Mangat and Invigo: Innovative Search Engine Marketing


( November 2, 2013 — In response to an increased demand for ROI and performance-based search marketing listings for small businesses, Canada’s Leading Expert’s Bob Mangat and is announcing the release of its new website, an SEO service designed for small businesses who want to boost their profits through local search results.

“The need for an ROI based approach to search marketing is needed in today’s market.” Bob Said. Customer acquisition has always been the priority of small business, but businesses also need to implement a strategic referral and repeat sales program to further gain market share. The truth is, most small business owners, don’t have the time or internal resources needed to implement the knowledge they’re suddenly empowered with. Bob Sais.

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Specializing in SEO, PPC, Web design, Mobile and Social Media Marketing, Invigo Marketing Systems has earned the reputation as being one of the most reliable and effective SEO companies on the internet.

To learn more about Bob Mangat’s and Invigo Marketing Systems’ Innovative Website Marketing programs and how it can help shape your companies online future go to:

About Bob Mangat

Bob Mangat, Author and Kick A$$ marketing consultant for small businesses, has over 12 Years of experience working and developing businesses from the ground up. He’s taught his strategies to over 1200 Small business owners. His internet marketing techniques have been praised by many and is now working with a select few small businesses and dominating local search markets.

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