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Four Marketing Mistakes to Avoid this Year

As the year rolls along, many medical practices are finding themselves stretched thin in regards to time and resources. Medical practices today have a lot on their plates, and there is a lot that goes into growing the business.

In a world of digital content, patient interactions, new therapies and procedures, and new discoveries, many businesses are overlooking one key part of their business plan- marketing. To strengthen your marketing plan and grow your business this year and in the years to come, make sure you are not making these four marketing mistakes:

Four Marketing Mistakes to Avoid this YearNot Keeping Your Website Updated

With as much as 60% of all internet traffic being generated by searches made on a mobile device, you must keep your website current and active.

This means it must stay up to date and able to be used by your patients. If your website is not mobile optimized, then search engines like Google won’t rank it as high on their search result pages.

Also, patients may not stay on your site very long if it is cumbersome and hard to use on their tablet or smartphone. So, to avoid this marketing mistake, make sure you have updated everything so your site is optimized for any device or platform that your patients may use to search and view your site.

Four Marketing Mistakes to Avoid this Year - 5Not Understanding Patient Behaviors

Many patients today are looking for all-in-one-place care and treatments, which means they are often going to hospitals and larger facilities for their care.

This means doctors and primary care providers are finding more competition in their service areas and are having to get serious about reaching their patients.  Because of patient search abilities with Google, WebMD, and other online tools, many people are trying to self-diagnose and treat themselves.

Knowing where your patients are looking for information and the way they are approaching their health can make it easier to market your services to them and show that you know what they need.

Four Marketing Mistakes to Avoid this Year - 7Losing Sight of Your Marketing ROI

Your return on investment is the way you should be gauging the success of your current marketing plans. When you are investing time and especially money, you want to make sure it is not going to waste.

Traditionally, online ROI was gauged by clicks, email messages, comments, and appointments. Today these are combined with more modern gauges such as follows, social media interaction, referrals, and return clientele.

Keeping tabs on your influence online, how people are sharing information about you, what they are saying, and how it is affecting your patient retention are the steps you need to take to avoid this common website problem and marketing mistake.

Choosing the Wrong Marketer for Your Practice

medical office waiting room 2

Not everyone is a marketing genius, and most practices need a helping hand to make the most of their marketing strategy.

The common website problem that many health care providers make is that they go with a random company to market their practice. Medial website marketing is a highly specialized field and you need someone who is knowledgeable in your niche market.

Your marketer needs to be someone who can present your company to your target audience in a strong and positive manner.

Being able to market businesses, in general, is not the same as marketing medical practices, which is why you should call us today here at Invigo Media and let us help you with your medical marketing needs! We are ready to put our years of experience to work marketing your practice!

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