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Oncology Marketing Ideas and Strategies

We believe that it’s your duty as a quality oncologist to help people who need you. Here are some marketing strategies that will help oncology patients find you.

Oncology Advertising

The very first thing you need to do is start to list with local directories. Since most of your business will come from your local area (Who wants to travel to another city when they are dealing with cancer right?), you need to show up right up top when someone types in ‘oncologist near me’ or anything along those lines.

Eventually, your practice will have a stellar reputation which will then attract patients from all over but, start locally first. This will help you connect with patients who do need your help.

List your oncology clinic in various directories such as Yelp, Google Businesses and start getting reviews from your existing client base.

This will start building up your oncology clinic fast and best part, it will also start establishing a reputation with Google.

Or as they call it in the online marketing world, building authority.

Oncology SEO Marketing

oncology seo

Speaking of building authority, after you have some online reviews, it’s time to take marketing your oncology practice to the next level.The next step is to build your website. Not just to have a mediocre online presence but a full on lead generation site. So anyone who is looking for your help can connect with you immediately without going through any unnecessary hoops.

Also over time, as you add more content on there, it will start to rank for oncology related terms that your potential patients may using like:

Oncology clinic in [city name]
Oncology practice in [city name]

Plus other related terms.

As you can see, the sky is really the limit here but the marketing doesn’t stop here. You see building a website is a long term strategy. It usually takes 3-6 months to rank for your desired keywords.

That’s why we offer another way (You can say it’s what we do best) and this will help you get customers almost immediately.

Oncology PPC Services

oncology ppc services

If you are looking for patients to line up at your door this very month, you need to start creating Facebook ads.

Not just ads that market your clinic, but implement a real proven ‘system’ that will consistently bring you oncology leads which will eventually turn them into patients. Like clockwork.

The whole idea is to setup an offer (Something that will be enticing for a patient looking for immediate help with their cancer treatment) and once they sign up, the system will educate them with what you do and how you do it.

This will help establish a relationship, build trust and naturally get potential oncology patients to take action. It sounds simple because we’ve tested it and perfected this system. However, you would be piggy backing off of our years of marketing experience.

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