Medical Marketing using our Proven 3 C Process

Web Design for Medical Practices and Clinics

Want new patients?

Then you need a high-quality website, reflecting the image you want your brand to convey.

We create premium responsive websites so your brand conveys your authority and expertise.  Your patients trust you before ever speaking with you. Click “Learn More” now…

Expert Authority Building

It’s not hard to get new patients every week if you’re the #1 clinic in town.

We’ve found whichever medical clinic has the most authority and expert-status in their market ends up being the most successful.

When you’re the #1 premium brand in your area, people recognize you, respect you and want to become one of your patients.

Medical PPC

Imagine 10 or more new patients walking into your practice, every week. Our team of experts can create strategic PPC campaigns to build your practice.

Want to get new patients walking through your doors every week? Click “Learn More”

Medical Copywriting for your practice

Your message and content is critical.
It’s about *what* you say, not *how* you say it. You need to answer questions, solve problems, and instill hope; while motivating the reader to seek more of your services. This is where copywriting comes in.

Want to see how we can create your messaging and content to motivate your audience to reach out to you while positioning you as an industry authority? Click “Learn More”

Facebook Ads that convert

ROI-Focused Facebook Campaigns.
Whether you’re trying to build a list of ‘interested’ prospects, or generate leads, We are able to target very specific types of patients, and only spend money when someone clicks on your ad to learn more about your services.

We have multiple proven campaigns depending on your speciality

Neurosurgery SEO

SEO that packs a punch!

Your patients are looking for you, but can they find you?

Are you ranking high enough on Google to be seen?

With our SEO services we help you rank at the top of Google and generate more traffic to your site.

Email Marketing for your clinic

If you want your medical practice and brand to say top of mind for your market, you need a strategic email marketing strategy and quality content that delivers value to your audience.

With our email marketing strategies you not only build brand awareness with your market, but can make offers and profit from your email list.

Social Media Marketing

If you’re not on every social media platform publishing high-quality content for your market, then you’re missing out on an incredible opportunity to build your audience.

Even if you’re only on one platform there is a lot of room for improvement.

We help clinics with their complete social media presence and have a proven strategy to build your brand, build relationships and drive traffic.

Mobile/SMS Marketing

The average person spends over 3 hours a day on their smart-phone.

Not only do we create mobile-friendly websites, we also implement automated texting systems designed to connect with your market. These systems have been proven to increase show-up & conversion rates.

Live chat bots for healthcare marketing

Live Chat

Getting leads and traffic is great but converting traffic/leads into new patients is the ultimate goal. What happens if someone tries to reach out when you’re not open?

It’s important to have a system to connect with those leads before they reach out to your competitors. Our unique Live Chat systems have been proven to increase lead-to-patient conversions by 90%.

video marketing for healthcare clinics

Video Marketing

Businesses who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. It’s the future for medical marketing.

At invigo, we help you create compelling videos that promote your clinic,  increase authority and create awareness for your brand.

Sales scripting for healthcare

Sales Scripting & Staff Training – the secret sauce!

If your team isn’t using a sales script, then you’re missing out on new patients.

From the first words your staff says to a new patient as they walk in the door,  to getting a patient to pay… your entire sales process needs to be intentional and on-brand. Even the smallest drop-off rate in your sales process can end up costing you hundreds of thousands over the life-time of your clinic.

We create brand-friendly sales scripts proven time and time again to convert more consults into patients for your office.

Sales Funnel for Healthcare Marketing

Sales Funnels

Sales Funnels are the quickest path to profit. They filter out people who are not a good fit for your services, capture the attention of your ideal patient, and get prospective patients to commit to talking to you and purchasing your services.

We’ve generated over 100,000 leads with our Sales Funnels.

Evergenius Healthcare Marketing Software


“EverGenius” is our proprietary software to track everything in your marketing campaign

This tool allows us to pinpoint the return-on-investment from marketing initiatives, in a simple and intuitive report.

Allowing you to make the  most educated decisions possible for your business.

Referral marketing for healthcare clinics

Referral Marketing

92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know.  If you don’t have a referral program for your practice, you’re missing out on thousands of dollars.

This type of marketing is so successful because it’s leveraging a pre-existing, high-trust relationships you already have with your current patients.

Whether you’re leveraging the trust of a patient or a colleague, we have referral programs and systems designed to strategically generate targeted, high-quality leads for your medical practice.

Automation marketing for healthcare clinics

Automation – Time is Money

We go into medical practices and automate time-wasting systems and processes, freeing up hundreds of hours of your time.

Whether we’re automating back-end systems that end up making you more revenue and profit. Or front-end elements of your practice that help decrease no-shows and save your front-desk staff time, we’ve helped thousands of clinics automate routine processes.

Data analysis for healthcare clinics

Data Analysis- Marketing is a science

When done correctly it’s trackable and measurable. There should be absolutely no guesswork.

When you work with us – your campaigns will be measured, analyzed, and optimized based on data-driven insights. So we know exactly where to focus our efforts based on what’s working and what’s getting you an ROI.

Healthcare Consulting

Implement world-class medical marketing practices, tools and trends into your practice.
We’re at the fore-front of medical practice marketing. We work with thousands of clinics and are up-to-date with what works and what doesn’t.

When you work with us – you’re truly getting access to the best of the best.

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Common Questions About Medical Practice Marketing

How To Make An Existing Medical Practice Site Look Professional?

The best way to make your current medical practice website look professional is by using quality pictures. This would definitely be the first thing. Next, you must have a video or two to showcase what you really do. Images are great but videos create an amazing connection with a potential patient. Of course, the overall design is a major factor as well but as long as you focus on ``connecting`` with your patients, eventually you'll land on that perfect look.

How To Build Authority As A Medical Practice?

Now there are lots of ways to go about it but if we had to sum it up in one word it would be ``content``. Content includes text, videos, images, your overall message, and a few other things. The more quality content you put out on a regular basis, the higher your authority will be. Always remember, potential patients, love information.

Is Mobile / SMS Marketing Important For A Medical Practice

Big time. If you know how to leverage these tools properly, you can not only help remind your patients about their next appointment but also create a solid relationship with them as well.

Can You Optimize My Current Sales Funnel?

We are experts at creating and optimizing sales funnels for medical practices. In fact, we've turned many decent medical practices into thriving medical clinics. You will find them in our success stories section.

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